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Inside Lionel Messi’s Personal Life: A Glimpse into the World of a Football Icon

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Lionel Messi, the legendary footballer, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his unparalleled skills on the pitch. However, his personal life remains relatively low-key compared to his on-field success. In this article, we delve into the life of Lionel Messi off the pitch, from his loving relationship with his childhood sweetheart to his extravagant Miami apartment.

Messi’s Childhood Sweetheart and Family Life

Messi’s love story began in the 90s when he met Antonela, his childhood sweetheart, in their hometown of Rosario, Argentina. Their bond grew stronger over the years, even when Messi moved to Barcelona at the age of 13. In 2008, Messi made their relationship public, and they eventually got married in a lavish ceremony in 2017.

The couple now has three beautiful sons: Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro. Messi often emphasizes his admiration for his wife, praising her qualities such as her daily resilience, positive personality, and ability to face challenges admirably. Their love story is a testament to Messi’s commitment to his family and the values he holds dear.

A Lavish Wedding to Remember

The wedding of Messi and Antonela was a grand affair, attended by more than 250 friends and family members, including some of the biggest names in football. The event took place at the luxurious City Centre Complex in Rosario, Argentina. To ensure privacy, mobile phones were banned, and staff members were sworn to secrecy.

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Guests had the option to walk down the red carpet to be interviewed and photographed or enter discreetly through a side entrance. The wedding ceremony itself was a beautiful moment, with their eldest son, Thiago, sitting close by. Messi surprised Antonela by arranging for Argentinian singer Abel Pintos to serenade her with her favorite song.

Antonela: More Than Just Messi’s Wife

While Antonela is primarily known as Messi’s wife, she has carved out her successful path. She holds a bachelor’s degree in humanities and social sciences from the National University of Rosario in Argentina. Initially planning to pursue a postgraduate degree in dentistry, Antonela chose to support Messi’s career and moved closer to him.

Antonela’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to sign a modeling contract with designer Ricky Sarkany in 2016. She later opened a boutique for the Argentinian footwear brand Sarkany in 2017, alongside Sofia Balbi, Luis Suarez’s wife. Antonela also has her own clothing range and boasts a significant following on Instagram.

Enjoying Family Time in Privacy

During his time with Barcelona, Messi resides in the gated community of Bellamar, a beach town south of Barcelona known for its privacy. This exclusive community has been home to many top local sports stars, providing Messi and his family with a sense of security and tranquility.

In this idyllic retreat, Messi can enjoy family time with his sons, playing football on the miniature floodlit pitch in their backyard, relaxing by the pool, and savoring barbecues. The community also allows Messi to personally pick up his children from school, a luxury that would be challenging in a regular town.

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Unforgettable Holidays with Close Friends

Messi cherishes his time off and often spends it with his close friends and former teammates, Cesc Fabregas and Luis Suarez. The trio, along with their wives and children, frequently embark on unforgettable holidays together. In June 2022, they rented a luxurious house-share in Ibiza to celebrate Messi’s 35th birthday.

Their extravagant holiday included a stay in a stunning mansion with six bedrooms, a gym, and a 20m swimming pool. They also indulged in a day on the Shalimar II, a luxurious yacht. Messi and Suarez enjoyed a successful partnership at Barcelona, winning 14 trophies together, while Messi and Fabregas shared a special bond from their youth team days.

Jet-Setting Adventures

Messi’s love for travel takes him and his family to various destinations worldwide. In January 2023, fresh from his World Cup triumph, Messi, accompanied by his wife and children, explored the Alps. They enjoyed the scenic beauty, relaxed in a heated outdoor pool, and even indulged in some skiing.

Their base for the trip was the Hotel MIM Baqueira, which is owned by Messi himself. This hotel offers a luxurious experience with spacious rooms, a hydrotherapy circuit, and a range of spa treatments. Messi’s passion for the finer things in life is evident in his choice of holiday destinations and accommodations.

Messi’s Luxurious Miami Apartment

In 2019, Messi purchased a stunning apartment in the Porsche Design Tower in Miami, Florida. This 60-floor tower offers breathtaking views of Miami Beach and is conveniently located near the Inter Miami stadium. The apartment features exclusive car lifts, a private restaurant, an outdoor lounge facing the sea, and recreational amenities like a cinema, golf simulators, and racing simulators.

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Miami’s appeal as a real estate hub, particularly for investors from Latin America, attracted Messi to this luxurious abode. The city’s vibrant atmosphere and diverse community provide a perfect setting for Messi and his family. Additionally, this move allows Messi’s children to attend high school in the United States before pursuing higher education.


Q: Can you provide more information about Antonela’s clothing range?

A: Antonela has successfully launched her own clothing range, showcasing her fashion sense and style. She often shares photos on Instagram of herself wearing the garments she sells, appealing to her millions of followers.

Q: How does Messi balance his professional career and family life?

A: Messi’s commitment to his family is commendable. Despite his demanding career, he prioritizes spending quality time with his wife and children. Whether it’s enjoying holidays together or being present for important family moments, Messi strives to create a balance between his professional and personal life.


Lionel Messi’s personal life is a testament to his dedication to family, love, and the pursuit of a fulfilled life off the pitch. From his enduring relationship with his childhood sweetheart to his extravagant Miami apartment, Messi showcases the rewards of hard work and talent while cherishing the joys of family and friends. Visit Pesstatsdatabase to stay updated on all things football-related.