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The Personal Life of Mohamed Salah: A Glimpse into the Life of a Football Legend

mohamed salah parents
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Egyptian soccer hero Mohamed Salah has solidified his place as one of the most sought-after players in world soccer. With an impressive scoring record at Liverpool that has caught the attention of top clubs worldwide, Salah has become one of the Premier League’s most significant players.

Salah’s journey to success hasn’t always been smooth. After a disappointing spell at Chelsea, where he played only 13 games in two years, it appeared that his Premier League story had come to an end. However, after a successful season-long loan at Roma, Liverpool took a chance on the Egyptian, and he has since become a legend at Anfield, scoring over 125 league goals.

While everyone knows Mohamed Salah, the player, very few are familiar with his personal life. In this article, we will take a closer look at the man behind the football boots.


Mohamed Salah Parents

  • Father: Salah Ghaly
  • Mother: Name unknown

Mohamed Salah’s parents, Salah Ghaly and his mother, who remains a mystery, played an instrumental role in shaping his career as a professional soccer player. Though Salah’s parents hoped he would pursue an academic path, his natural talent for soccer became evident from an early age. Despite their initial reservations, they supported his journey, even if it meant missing school to travel long distances to training sessions.

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As Salah’s career progressed, his parents became his biggest fans. While little is known about his mother, she occasionally comments on her son’s life and career. In a recent incident where Salah was hugged by an attractive female fan, his mother jokingly warned that she would have divorced his father had he been in a similar situation.


Nasr Salah

  • Brother: Nasr Salah (born 1993)

Mohamed Salah has a younger brother named Nasr. The resemblance between the two brothers is striking, despite only a year separating them. Nasr Salah, a well-known figure in Egypt, is a devoted supporter of his older brother. The siblings spend a significant amount of time together, with Mohamed even playing a vital role in Nasr’s wedding ceremony.


Magi Sadeq

  • Wife: Magi Sadeq (born 1994)

Known for his religious devotion, Mohamed Salah has always steered clear of controversy. Unlike many soccer players who are drawn to the nightlife, Salah has taken a more traditional path. He met his future wife, Magi Sadeq, during their time at the same school in Basion Gharbia, Egypt. The couple remained close friends throughout Salah’s early career and eventually tied the knot in 2013.

Magi Sadeq, an Alexandria University graduate with a degree in Biotechnology, has supported Salah throughout his journey across Europe. She can often be seen cheering him on at Anfield during games. Both Salah and his wife make regular trips back to Egypt, sharing their wealth with their hometown during religious festivals like Ramadan.


Salah's Daughters

  • Daughter: Makka (born in 2014)
  • Daughter: Kayan (born in 2020)
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Mohamed Salah and his wife, Magi, have two daughters. Makka, their eldest daughter, was born in 2014, almost a year after their marriage. She has often been seen celebrating alongside her father on the soccer field, with her mother by their side.

In 2020, the family welcomed their second daughter, Kayan. Speculation aside, it is worth mentioning that Kayan was born approximately nine months after Liverpool’s remarkable Champions League victory in 2019. It seems that whenever there is a moment of triumph, a rise in births follows, exemplifying the passion of fans and the city’s spirit.

While the Salah family may be complete, with Mohamed and Magi still young, there is always a possibility of more little ones in the future. It is a dream shared by many in Egypt, who hope to witness another Salah leading the line for their national team in the years to come.


1. Does Mohamed Salah have any siblings?

Yes, Mohamed Salah has one sibling, a younger brother named Nasr.

2. Who is Mohamed Salah’s wife?

Mohamed Salah’s wife is Magi Sadeq.

3. How many children does Mohamed Salah have?

Mohamed Salah has two daughters with his wife, Magi. Their names are Makka and Kayan.


Beyond his on-field brilliance, Mohamed Salah’s personal life offers a glimpse into the values that have shaped him as a person. With supportive parents, a close bond with his brother, and the love and stability of his own family, Salah’s dedication and success are influenced by the people closest to him. As he continues to excel on the soccer pitch, fans around the world will undoubtedly be inspired by his journey and the values he upholds.

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