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The Minimum Salary of LaLiga Soccer Players in 2023: All You Need to Know

Santi Cazorla‘s surprising move to Oviedo made headlines in Spain. The former Spain and Arsenal player accepted economic conditions to return to his homeland and the club where he started his career. Despite earning €4 million a year in the Saudi Arabia Pro League, he took a significant pay cut to play for Oviedo in Spain’s second tier.

Cazorla voluntarily offered to be paid the minimum salary prescribed by LaLiga regulations for professional footballers in the top two divisions. Under his one-year contract, he will earn €93,000 gross and has even agreed to donate 10% of shirt sales proceeds to support Oviedo’s youth academy.

However, Cazorla’s case is exceptional. LaLiga regulations state that a player transferred between clubs after featuring in the five major European leagues, China, or the United States must receive a minimum of 50% of their previous salary. This requirement no longer applies once a player turns 36, thus allowing Oviedo and Cazorla to work around it.

What is the Minimum Salary of a LaLiga Soccer Player?

In LaLiga Santander, the top division of Spanish football, the lowest annual salary a player can receive is €182,000 ($198,500) as per the most recent agreement reached in April 2022. This marks an increase from the previous minimum salary of €155,000 euros.

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The amount is divided into 14 payments of €13,000 ($14,100) per month, with additional payments in June and November. The minimum salary is subject to Spain’s Consumer Price Index (IPC), so it can increase if there is inflation.

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What about Players in Spain’s Second Division?

In the second tier of Spanish professional soccer, the situation is different. According to the LaLiga-AFE collective agreement, players must be paid at least €91,000 ($99,150) per year, exactly half of what players in LaLiga Santander receive. These payments are distributed over 14 installments of €6,500 ($7,070), which may increase according to the Consumer Price Index.

How Many Vacation Days Do Soccer Players Have?

Under the collective agreement, soccer players are entitled to 30 paid rest days per year. However, players who have been at the club for less than a year receive a proportionately lower number of days. Out of the 30 days off, 21 are enjoyed consecutively, while the rest are taken when mutually agreed upon. If no agreement is reached, the full 30 days are consecutive. It is important to note that vacations cannot be substituted for financial compensation.

Additionally, four dates during the festive season – 24th, 25th, 31st December, and 1st January – are considered holidays exempt from fixtures.

Other Conditions and Agreement Duration

The AFE has introduced additional allowances for players who have spent five or more seasons at the same club and have their contracts terminated. These players may be eligible for economic benefits. Furthermore, players could receive compensation payments of up to €200,000 for incapacitating injuries that jeopardize their careers or result in death.

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The current collective agreement is valid until 30th June 2026. If none of the parties denounce it at least six months before its termination or any of its extensions, it will be extended for successive four-year periods.

What is the Minimum Salary for Players in the Women’s League?

In the Liga F, Spain’s top women’s football league, salaries are significantly lower. The 2019 agreement set the minimum wage for a Liga F player at €16,000 ($17,400), divided into 14 monthly payments of €1,140 ($1,240). Since then, no progress has been made. The AFE proposed a minimum salary of €25,000, but the syndicates representing Liga F players rejected it. They are currently calling for a minimum wage of €30,000 in a five-year agreement applied retroactively from 2020.


Q: What is the minimum salary of a LaLiga soccer player?
A: In LaLiga Santander, the lowest annual salary is €182,000, divided into 14 payments of €13,000 per month, subject to the Consumer Price Index.

Q: How much do players in Spain’s second division earn?
A: Second Division players receive a minimum annual salary of €91,000, distributed over 14 monthly payments of €6,500.

Q: How many vacation days do soccer players have?
A: Soccer players are entitled to 30 paid rest days per year, with 21 consecutive days and the remaining days agreed upon by the parties involved.

Q: What conditions apply to long-term contract players?
A: Players with contracts of five or more seasons at the same club may be eligible for economic benefits if their contracts are terminated.

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Q: How long does the collective agreement last?
A: The current agreement is valid until 30th June 2026.

Q: What is the minimum salary for players in the Women’s league?
A: The minimum wage for Liga F players is currently under negotiation, with proposals ranging from €16,000 to €30,000 per year.

In Spain, the minimum salaries for professional soccer players are carefully negotiated each year to ensure fair working conditions. LaLiga, in collaboration with the Spanish Footballers’ Association, strives to improve the conditions and wages of players in both divisions. While salaries in LaLiga Santander are more substantial, players in the second division receive lower wages. The collective agreement also covers vacation days and other aspects of players’ contracts.

As one of Spain’s most profitable industries, football relies on the skill and dedication of its players to captivate millions of fans each week. By setting fair wages and working conditions, LaLiga aims to maintain the integrity and competitiveness of Spanish football.

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