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Soccer Positions — A Guide for Football Enthusiasts

Do you dream of being a talented winger or a skilled number 10 on the football field? Perhaps you aspire to be the formidable goalkeeper guarding the goalposts. Understanding soccer positions is essential for players who want to excel in the game. But did you know that positions play a lesser role in youth soccer than you might expect?

Soccer players first, positions later

For young players, the focus should be on fun and development rather than rigid positions. According to Tom Condone, the director of sport and member development at US Youth Soccer, positioning is more important than specific positions at an early age. Players should learn to move smartly across the field during matches. The best way to develop this skill is by experiencing a variety of positions and roles.

soccer positions for beginners

Putting players into predefined positions before the age of 10 limits their growth and enjoyment of the game. By experiencing different positions, players gain a deeper understanding of soccer. They also learn to appreciate the game from various perspectives. To enhance their development, coaches should create an environment that encourages all players to participate and enjoy the game.

Introducing basic soccer positions

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As players mature and gain experience, they start to perceive the game in new ways. With time, they can anticipate plays, understand the ball’s movement, and comprehend how players collaborate to create opportunities. These are the building blocks of soccer tactics.

Once players have a solid foundation, they can begin to explore specific positions. As they grow older, players naturally gravitate towards positions that align with their strengths and skills. Specialization occurs gradually as they gain more experience and knowledge of the game.


Q: When should young players start learning about specific soccer positions?

A: For young players, it is more important to focus on overall development and understanding of the game. Around the age of 10, players can start to explore and learn about different positions.

Q: Can players switch positions as they progress in their soccer careers?

A: Yes, players are not limited to one position throughout their careers. They often transition to different positions based on their skills, growth, and the team’s needs.

Q: How can coaches help players develop their understanding of soccer tactics?

A: Coaches can create engaging training sessions that involve all players and encourage active participation. By using games and activities that emphasize teamwork, players can gain a deeper understanding of soccer tactics.


Understanding soccer positions is crucial for players who want to excel in the game. While young players should focus on overall development and positioning, as they gain experience and knowledge, specific positions become more relevant. Soccer is a dynamic sport that allows players to explore and evolve over time. By fostering a love for the game and providing opportunities for growth, players can find their place on the field.

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