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Ranking the Best FIFA Games: A Nostalgic Journey Through Football Gaming

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For over 15 years, the FIFA video game series has captivated football enthusiasts worldwide. From its immersive gameplay to its pulsating soundtracks, FIFA has become a cultural phenomenon that perfectly complements the real-life action on the pitch. In this article, we’ll take a trip down memory lane and rank the best FIFA games from the past decade.

Methodology: A Consistent Evaluation

Ranking games can be a subjective task, but we’ve adopted a consistent and credible methodology for our rankings. Utilizing the thorough and expert game reviews from IGN, a trusted source for game evaluations, we aim to present an objective look at each FIFA installment. IGN’s comprehensive review scores provide a reliable foundation for comparison, ensuring that each game is evaluated on a level playing field.

FIFA 12: Revolutionizing the Game

Securing the top spot in our rankings is FIFA 12. This game introduced the revolutionary Impact Engine, which brought unparalleled realism to the series through enhanced player interactions, realistic collisions, and movements. FIFA 12 also introduced Tactical Defending and Precision Dribbling, revolutionizing strategic play and control. Praised for its dynamic features and innovative gameplay, FIFA 12 not only advanced the simulation of football’s intricacies but also featured a diverse soundtrack that echoed the sport’s global popularity.

FIFA 12 Game Cover

FIFA 14: Embracing the Next Generation

Transitioning seamlessly into the next generation of gaming consoles, FIFA 14 stands out for its stunning visual upgrades and smoother gameplay mechanics. The debut of Pure Shot and Real Ball Physics transformed shooting mechanics, while the enriched Ultimate Team mode deepened player engagement. FIFA 14’s blend of technical innovation and immersive gameplay received acclaim, heralding it as a transformative title that improved playability on modern consoles and significantly contributed to the series’ legacy by introducing impactful gameplay advancements.

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FIFA 14 Game Cover

FIFA 13: Balancing Refinement and Authenticity

FIFA 13 earned acclaim for enhancing gameplay through significant improvements. The Attacking Intelligence system refined AI player behaviors for more accurate on-pitch actions, while the First Touch Control system introduced unpredictability and realism in ball handling. FIFA 13 also introduced Match Day, seamlessly linking virtual gameplay with the real-world football season. By balancing the refinement of existing mechanics with new features, FIFA 13 strengthened the connection between the virtual game and the real world of football, marking it as a critical evolutionary step in the FIFA legacy.

FIFA 13 Game Cover

FIFA 17: Immersion and Innovation

FIFA 17 revolutionized the series with “The Journey,” immersing players in the life of Alex Hunter, a fictional professional footballer. Through storytelling and interactive gameplay, this new game mode captured the essence of a football career’s highs and lows. FIFA 17 also saw improvements in physical play and set pieces. Celebrated for its narrative ambition, graphical leaps, and gameplay refinements, FIFA 17 stands out as a pivotal entry in the series, notable for its innovative approach and the deep connections it fostered between players and the game’s protagonist, Alex Hunter.

FIFA 17 Game Cover

FIFA 15: Redefining Realism

FIFA 15 introduced “Emotional Intelligence,” adding a dynamic layer of realism as players on the pitch reacted with a spectrum of emotions mirroring the real highs and lows of football matches. Combined with significant visual enhancements, matches became more visually appealing and detailed. FIFA 15 redefined realism and emotional engagement for the series through its advanced emotional depth and graphical fidelity, setting a new benchmark for future installments.

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FIFA 15 Game Cover

FIFA 19: Engaging Gameplay and Authenticity

FIFA 19 brought gameplay improvements and a richer presentation, including the innovative Active Touch System and Timed Finishing mechanic. Additionally, the acquisition of the UEFA Champions League license added authenticity to the game. FIFA 19 was acclaimed for its engaging football simulation, strategic gameplay enhancements, atmospheric presentation, and compelling storylines.

FIFA 19 Game Cover

FIFA 18: Lifelike Player Movements

FIFA 18 leveraged the Frostbite engine for more lifelike player movements and stadium experiences. With “Real Player Motion Technology,” the game offered unparalleled game fluidity and responsiveness. The narrative-driven mode “Hunter Returns” further enriched FIFA 18, showcasing EA’s blend of video game and cinematic storytelling. Praised for its refined gameplay and compelling narrative, FIFA 18 connected players even deeper with the on-pitch action and Alex Hunter’s career.

FIFA 18 Game Cover

FIFA 11: Uniqueness and AI Sophistication

FIFA 11 introduced Personality+, which brought a new level of player uniqueness and AI sophistication, enriching teamwork and strategic play. Despite some criticisms regarding passing mechanics and pacing issues, FIFA 11’s enhanced Career Mode and its focus on control and tactical complexity marked it as a crucial step in the series’ evolution towards a more nuanced and authentic football simulation.

FIFA 11 Game Cover

FIFA 16: Embracing Inclusivity

FIFA 16 marked a significant milestone with the inclusion of women’s national teams, emphasizing greater inclusivity in sports gaming. The game also introduced advancements in tactical play and midfield control. While facing criticism for slower pacing, FIFA 16 navigated the delicate balance between innovation and tradition. Its legacy is defined by its pioneering inclusion of women’s teams, thoughtful gameplay enhancements, and pacing adjustments.

FIFA 16 Game Cover

FIFA 20: Exploring New Perspectives

FIFA 20 introduced VOLTA Football, a mode that celebrated the culture and creativity of street football. With enhanced ball control and player movement, FIFA 20 aimed for a more realistic simulation. Despite some critiques regarding gameplay consistency, innovations like improved set-piece mechanics were well-received. FIFA 20’s venture into VOLTA Football underscored the delicate balance between innovation and preserving the beloved core aspects of the franchise.

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FIFA 20 Game Cover

The Future of Football Gaming: EA Sports FC 24

The FIFA series has now transitioned into a new chapter with EA Sports FC 24. This rebranding focuses on innovation, community-driven improvements, and a commitment to inclusivity and technological excellence. By amplifying the essence that made FIFA beloved, EAFC 24 offers more intelligent AI, broader customization, and features that enhance the gaming experience. While it builds upon the legacy of FIFA, EAFC 24 sets a foundation for future upgrades, promising a more authentic football simulation.

EA Sports FC 24 Game Cover


The FIFA series has come a long way in the past 15 years, constantly pushing the boundaries of football gaming. Each installment has brought its own innovations and captured the essence of the beautiful game. As we embark on this nostalgic journey through the best FIFA games, we celebrate the series’ contributions to both esports and the global football community.


  • Q: What is the best FIFA game of all time?

    • A: The best FIFA game is subjective, as each installment brings its own unique features and gameplay improvements. However, FIFA 12 stands out as a revolutionary entry in the series.
  • Q: What is the newest FIFA game?

    • A: The newest FIFA game is FIFA 23, which marked the end of the era under the “FIFA” brand and introduced significant gameplay inclusivity and technological advancements.
  • Q: How can I enhance my online FIFA experience?

    • A: To enhance your online FIFA experience, consider using a VPN for gaming like IPVanish, which provides privacy, security, and stable connections. A VPN can protect your online activities and optimize your gaming sessions by reducing the likelihood of throttling by ISPs.


Ranking the Best FIFA Games: A Nostalgic Journey Through Football Gaming