Friday, 19 Jul 2024

Martin Odegaard Confirms Romance with New Girlfriend Helene Spilling

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Arsenal and Norway captain Martin Odegaard has recently sparked romance rumors by sharing loved-up snaps with his new girlfriend, Helene Spilling. The 24-year-old footballer took to Instagram to go “official” with the 26-year-old dancer, confirming their relationship.

A Blossoming Romance

Martin Odegaard and Helene Spilling were first seen together at the London Football Awards in March, which fueled speculation about their relationship. However, they had not made any public statements about it until now. Through a series of adorable photos, Martin shared intimate moments with Helene, including her support at his matches.

In one of the pictures, Martin and Helene were sunbathing, and they almost shared a kiss while cuddling up shirtless. Another playful snap showed Helene jokingly licking Martin’s face on the pitch before an Arsenal game. Helene even sported Martin’s number 8 Arsenal shirt, creating a cute and playful atmosphere.

During a sun-soaked vacation, the couple went on a bike ride together, enjoying each other’s company. Martin looked stylish in a cream shirt and sunglasses while Helene rocked white distressed shorts and a patterned vest. The pair also shared a romantic dinner date, where they held hands and looked lovingly at each other.

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Who Is Helene Spilling?

Helene Spilling is a dancer known for her participation in Norway’s dance show, “Skal vi Danse,” similar to the UK’s “Strictly Come Dancing.” She emerged as the winner of the 2021 edition of the popular competition and has gained a following of 75,000 on Instagram, where she frequently shares updates about her dancing.

Helene’s presence by Martin’s side during public outings and events has only added fuel to the rumors surrounding their relationship. The couple was frequently spotted linking arms throughout April, further solidifying their connection.


Are Martin Odegaard and Helene Spilling officially dating?

Yes, Martin Odegaard and Helene Spilling have confirmed their relationship through a series of loved-up posts on Instagram.

Who is Helene Spilling?

Helene Spilling is a dancer who gained popularity as the winner of Norway’s dance show, “Skal vi Danse.”

How did Martin and Helene meet?

Martin and Helene were first seen together at the London Football Awards in March, sparking speculation about their romance.

Will Martin Odegaard’s new relationship affect his football career?

While personal relationships can have an impact on one’s life, Martin Odegaard remains dedicated to his football career and is focused on upcoming matches and qualifiers.


Martin Odegaard, the talented captain of Arsenal and Norway, has officially confirmed his relationship with Helene Spilling. Through a collection of affectionate snapshots, they have given fans a glimpse into their blossoming romance. Helene, the winner of Norway’s dance show, brings her own charm to the relationship. As Martin continues to excel on the football field, his newfound love adds joy to his personal life.

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