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Revealing the 2023 NYCFC Player Salaries: 7 Key Takeaways

As the tulips fade and the peonies bloom in Central Park, it’s that time of the year when football fans eagerly await the release of player salary data. The Major League Soccer Player’s Association has disclosed the official payroll for New York City FC (NYCFC) for the 2023 season. Let’s dive into the numbers and uncover the most intriguing aspects of the salaries.

1. NYCFC’s Place on the Payroll Table

NYCFC’s payroll of $15.5 million positions them at 14th in the 29-team league. This figure marks a significant decrease of $1 million compared to the previous year. The departure of well-paid veterans has allowed the club to adopt a more frugal approach. Loaned-out players account for more than $3 million of the payroll, leaving NYCFC with a thrifty $12.5 million.

Maxime Chanot
Via the Athletic

2. Thiago Martins, the Highest-Paid Defender in MLS

Thiago Martins stands out as NYCFC’s highest-paid player, receiving a guaranteed compensation of over $2.1 million. Notably, he also holds the distinction of being the highest-paid defender in the league. However, his salary of $2.1 million places him at number 31 on the overall MLS salary rankings.

3. Santiago Rodríguez and James Sands’ Pay Raise

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Santiago Rodríguez, NYCFC’s newest Designated Player, has seen his salary more than double to $1.3 million, while James Sands now earns over $1 million, also more than twice his previous salary. Additionally, Tayvon Gray has experienced a significant salary increase, going from $144,788 in 2022 to $350,000 this year.

4. Matías Pellegrini, One of the Best-Paid Players

Attacking midfielder Matías Pellegrini, claimed off waivers twice in the past year, stands among the best-paid players on the NYCFC roster. Only Thiago Martins, Santiago Rodríguez, and Talles Magno earn more than his salary of over $1.1 million.

5. Maxime Chanot: A Bargain Deal

Experienced center-back Maxime Chanot continues to provide NYCFC with excellent value for money. His salary of $483,000 this year is below the league average of $530,262, and it marks a 31% pay cut compared to his earnings in 2022.

6. Matt Freese’s Salary Surpasses Luis Barraza’s

New signing Matt Freese will receive $180,000 this year, a fitting salary for a backup goalkeeper in MLS. Interestingly, it surpasses the $152,688 earned by starting goalkeeper Luis Barraza.

7. Sean Johnson’s Salary Leap at Toronto

When former NYCFC captain Sean Johnson made the switch to Toronto FC, fans speculated about his motivations. It appears that money played a role, as his guaranteed salary jumped from $550,000 with NYCFC in 2022 to $683,013 with Toronto this year. Johnson now ranks as the fourth highest-paid goalkeeper in the league.


Q: How does NYCFC’s payroll compare to other teams in the league?
A: With a payroll of $15.5 million, NYCFC currently ranks 14th out of 29 teams in terms of expenditure.

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Q: Who is the highest-paid player in the MLS?
A: While Thiago Martins holds the title of highest-paid defender in the league, he falls short of making the top 10 overall.

Q: Which NYCFC players received the largest pay raises?
A: Santiago Rodríguez, James Sands, and Tayvon Gray experienced significant salary increases compared to the previous year.

Q: Who is the best bargain deal on the NYCFC roster?
A: Maxime Chanot stands out as a player who provides significant value for money.


The release of NYCFC’s 2023 player salaries provides a fascinating glimpse into the financial landscape of the club. The reduced payroll and the emergence of young talents with substantial pay raises demonstrate NYCFC’s commitment to a more sustainable and balanced approach. As the season progresses, fans will have the opportunity to witness these players’ skills and understand the true value they bring to the team.

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