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The Best Country to Play Football: Revealing the Ultimate Winner

what country is the best at football

As the most popular sport in the world, football unites people across countries, languages, and cultures. The question of which country is the best to play football in has always intrigued fans and experts alike. To answer this burning question, we have analyzed various factors that contribute to the ideal footballing environment. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the results!

Factors Considered

We didn’t just focus on match performance; we took a comprehensive approach. By looking at data from sources like FIFA and the World Happiness Index, we considered the following metrics:

  • Climate (sunshine hours per year)
  • FIFA ranking (men’s and women’s)
  • Stadium capacity
  • Number and age of clubs
  • Top-flight revenue
  • Salary
  • World Happiness Index score
  • Cost of living

Each metric was assigned a value out of 10, and the results were compiled into our league tables.

And the Winner Is…

Image showing a league table ranking footballing countries by FIFA ranking, culture & heritage, climate & lifestyle. England is at the top.

Drumroll, please! After meticulous analysis, the best country to play football in is none other than England! England may not have the best international performance or the most favorable climate, but its rich footballing heritage, stadium capacity, and top-flight club revenue catapulted it to the top. With the highest number of domestic clubs and being home to the world’s oldest football club, England truly reigns supreme.

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Germany closely follows England, securing the second spot on the list. Spain, France, and Brazil complete the top five. Here’s a rundown of the top 10 footballing countries:

  1. England
  2. Germany
  3. Spain
  4. France
  5. Brazil
  6. Italy
  7. Netherlands
  8. Argentina
  9. Portugal
  10. Belgium

Interesting Takeaways

Image showing a league table ranking footballing countries by climate & lifestyle. Australia is at the top.

While analyzing performance based on FIFA rankings, Germany and England fell down the list. However, Germany showcased an excellent ranking in women’s football. The top-ranked countries in this category are Brazil (men’s) and the USA (women’s).

Australia clinched the top spot in the climate and lifestyle league table, thanks to its abundant sunshine hours and laid-back lifestyle. Denmark secured the second position with its high happiness index score and average salary, while Germany stood strong at third place.

Image showing a league table ranking countries by footballing culture and heritage. England is at the top.

As for footballing history, England leads the pack by a long shot. With nine out of ten of the first football clubs in the world originating in England, it’s no surprise. Denmark’s Kjøbenhavns Boldklubb, founded in 1876, represents the oldest non-British club.

England boasts the highest number of domestic clubs (942), followed by France (636), Germany (366), Spain (265), and Italy (177).

England vs Germany… Again

Visual showing comparison between England and Germany as footballing countries, in a vintage poster-style

In a nod to the age-old footballing rivalry between England and Germany, we couldn’t resist pitting them against each other. While it’s always a fierce contest, England comes out on top once again. This time, no penalty shootout was needed to determine the winner!


Q: How was the best country to play football determined?
A: We analyzed various factors, including climate, FIFA ranking, stadium capacity, club revenue, and more, to determine the best country to play football in.

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Q: Is match performance the sole criterion for ranking the countries?
A: No, match performance is just one aspect considered. We evaluated a range of factors to create a comprehensive ranking.

Q: Does England’s footballing history contribute to its ranking?
A: Absolutely! England’s rich footballing heritage, with the highest number of domestic clubs and the birthplace of numerous football clubs, played a significant role in securing its top position.

Q: Which country tops the climate and lifestyle league table?
A: Australia takes the crown for its ample sunshine hours and laid-back lifestyle, making it an enviable destination for footballers.


After a thorough evaluation of various factors, we have crowned England as the best country to play football. Its footballing culture, stadium capacity, and top-flight club revenue make it an enticing destination for aspiring players. So, lace up your boots and embrace the passion for the beautiful game in the heartland of football.

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