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How Powerful is Lionel Messi’s Kick? (Explained)

Video how fast can messi kick a soccer ball

how fast can messi kick a soccer ball

We may know almost everything about Lionel Messi’s skills on the pitch. We’ve delved into his speed, goal-scoring records, and the numerous accolades he holds. However, one mystery remains: how fast can Lionel Messi kick a football?

How Fast Can Lionel Messi Kick A Football?

As an estimate, Lionel Messi can kick a ball somewhere between 130km/h and 145km/h (80mph to 90mph). If you watch some of his clips, you’ll notice the tremendous power he generates, which adds yet another string to his never-ending bow of talents. It’s worth noting that the unofficial record for the hardest kick in football goes to little-known Brazilian player Ronny, who registered a strike at 211km/h (131mph).

There is a bit of a problem when it comes to finding out the exact speed of Lionel Messi’s kick. It remains one of the few things about the Argentinian maestro that nobody seems to know for certain. If you search the question, you’ll find answers ranging from 145km/h (90mph), which seems to be the result of a geometry exam question, to various opinions derived from watching his gameplay. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a definitive answer even after extensive research. However, the upside is that I got to relish some exquisite goals and moments of brilliance from Messi himself.

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How Fast Can A Professional Soccer Player Kick A Ball?

Based on my research, the average speed at which a professional footballer can kick a ball is somewhere between 95km/h and 113km/h (60mph to 70mph). It’s important to note that measuring this accurately is a challenging task, as we’re talking about a player striking the ball as hard as possible, not merely passing it across the pitch.

How Fast Can Ronaldo Kick A Football?

Ah, the eternal Messi vs Ronaldo debate reignites! Whenever we discuss Messi, there’s always an inclination to compare him with Ronaldo, and vice-versa. Fortunately, we have more concrete evidence when it comes to Ronaldo’s striking power.

In 2011, Ronaldo took part in a documentary called “Tested to the Limit,” where he underwent a series of tests, including kicking a football through panes of glass. His strike registered at 128.7km/h (80mph). Additionally, during my research, I found two instances where he recorded strikes at 120km/h (75mph): once for Manchester United in a Champions League match against Marseille, and another for Real Madrid in a La Liga match against Levante. Unfortunately, we don’t have comparable statistics for Messi, which makes it difficult to assess their efforts against each other.

Who Holds the Hardest Kick in Football History?

If you were to place a bet on who has the hardest shot in football, a few names would immediately come to mind. Cristiano Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Alan Shearer, David Beckham, and Tony Yeboah are some of the notable contenders. Surprisingly, the player who tops the list struck the ball a full 57km/h (35mph) faster than Yeboah.

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The player in question is a Brazilian called Ronny Heberson, commonly known as Ronny. Although not widely recognized, Ronny played for various clubs in Brazil, Portugal, and Germany. His most notable feat occurred in 2006 when he scored a free-kick for Sporting, which is unofficially believed to have reached a stunning speed of 211km/h (131mph). While there is some debate surrounding this measurement, watching the video of the strike is truly awe-inspiring.

Other players who deserve honorable mentions in terms of shot power include Arjen Robben (190km/h), Steven Reid (189km/h), Ronald Koeman (188km/h), David Hirst (183km/h), David Beckham (158km/h), Tony Yeboah (154km/h), and Francisco Javier Galan Marin (official record of 129km/h).


Q: What is the estimated speed of Lionel Messi’s kick?
A: Lionel Messi’s estimated kick speed ranges between 130km/h and 145km/h (80mph to 90mph), based on observations from his gameplay.

Q: How does Messi’s kick speed compare to other professional soccer players?
A: On average, professional soccer players can kick the ball between 95km/h and 113km/h (60mph to 70mph). Messi’s kick falls within the higher range of this spectrum.

Q: How does Ronaldo’s kick speed compare to Messi’s?
A: Cristiano Ronaldo’s documented kick speed has been measured at 128.7km/h (80mph) and 120km/h (75mph). Without comparable statistics for Messi, it’s difficult to make a direct comparison.


Although the exact speed of Lionel Messi’s kick remains a mystery, we can safely estimate it to be around 130km/h to 145km/h (80mph to 90mph). While various unofficial records exist in football for powerful strikes, it’s important to appreciate the skill and finesse that accompanies these awe-inspiring shots. While we may not have a definitive answer to the question, we’ve had the opportunity to witness some phenomenal goals and memorable moments in the process.

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How Powerful is Lionel Messi’s Kick? (Explained)