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Goalkeeper Roman Bürki Sacrifices Millions for a New Chapter in St. Louis

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A St. Louis CITY SC ticket is the hottest item in town right now, and goalkeeper Roman Bürki is one of the main reasons why. Leaving behind the European football spotlight, Bürki made a significant sacrifice, giving up millions of dollars to pursue a fresh start in the vibrant city of St. Louis.

A Unique Style of Play

Defensively, Bürki is known as a “sweeper-keeper” due to his ability to quickly leave the goal line and intercept long balls from opposing teams. Lutz Pfannenstiel, the sporting director of St. Louis CITY, believes that Bürki’s playstyle is crucial to the team’s philosophy. According to Pfannenstiel, without a goalkeeper like Bürki, their entire game structure would be altered.

A Risk Worth Taking

Bürki thrives on the risk associated with his playstyle, stating, “I just try to have fun on the pitch, and fun for me is playing with the ball.” His passion for the game and willingness to take chances make him a fan favorite.

A Stellar Career

Before joining St. Louis CITY, Bürki played for the renowned European club Borussia Dortmund. During his time there, he kept an impressive 83 clean sheets in 232 appearances and participated in the UEFA Champions League, one of the most prestigious competitions in the world.

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Choosing Passion Over Money

Despite earning $6.5 million a year at Dortmund, Bürki’s playing time significantly decreased when the club signed a younger goalkeeper. Recognizing his desire to continue playing, Bürki made the life-changing decision to reduce his salary to $1.63 million a year to join St. Louis CITY. For him, it wasn’t about the money anymore; it was about pursuing his passion for the game.

“I just had enough of European football. It was too much about money in Europe,” Bürki expressed. He emphasized that the players in St. Louis may not earn as much as their European counterparts, but they put in the same amount of work, if not more. Bürki appreciates the genuine dedication the team brings to the game.

A New Life in St. Louis

Living in his Downtown West apartment, Bürki enjoys the anonymity he now experiences compared to his time in Europe. He can walk to buy groceries without being immediately recognized, providing him with a sense of relaxation that was unthinkable in his previous environment.

Leading by Example

Bürki’s professionalism both on and off the pitch has not gone unnoticed. His preparation and dedication to the game serve as a model for his teammates. CITY players recognized his exceptional qualities and elected him as the first captain in the club’s history.

“It’s an amazing feeling,” Bürki expressed. Drawing from his experiences with both good and bad captains throughout his career, he understands how to support and guide his teammates.

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Embracing the Fanbase

Bürki deeply appreciates the passionate fanbase of St. Louis CITY. He believes that their unwavering support pushes the team to overcome challenging situations. With enthusiasm, he states, “I think CITYPARK could be even bigger, and we would still sell it out.”


Roman Bürki’s decision to leave the comforts of European football and embrace a new chapter in St. Louis demonstrates his unwavering passion for the game. His commitment to playing with style and taking risks has made him a beloved figure among fans. As the first captain of St. Louis CITY, Bürki leads by example, inspiring his teammates with his dedication and professionalism.


Q: How many clean sheets did Roman Bürki keep during his time at Borussia Dortmund?

A: Roman Bürki kept an impressive 83 clean sheets in 232 appearances for Borussia Dortmund.

Q: Why did Roman Bürki choose to join St. Louis CITY?

A: Despite earning a higher salary at his previous club, Bürki wanted to prioritize playing time and pursue his love for the game, making the decision to join St. Louis CITY.

Q: How did Bürki become the first captain in St. Louis CITY’s history?

A: Bürki’s exceptional qualities and leadership skills led to him being elected as the first captain in St. Louis CITY’s history by his fellow teammates.

Q: What is Bürki’s playstyle known as?

A: Bürki is known for his “sweeper-keeper” style, characterized by his ability to swiftly leave the goal line and intercept long balls.

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Q: How does Bürki feel about St. Louis’ passionate fanbase?

A: Bürki deeply appreciates the support of St. Louis CITY fans and believes their enthusiasm motivates the team to overcome difficult situations.

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