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The Top Mobile Apps for Soccer Fans

soccer apps

Soccer has been growing rapidly in popularity in the United States, and one of the many benefits of this growth is the ability to keep up with the sport on-the-go. With a wide range of mobile apps available, it can be overwhelming to find the ones that suit your needs. Whether you want to watch games, get live scores, or listen to talk shows, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 mobile apps for soccer fans.

1. NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports Live Extra is a must-have app for fans of the Premier League in the United States. This app allows you to watch every Premier League game of the season, all for free. With live game coverage and highlights, you won’t miss a moment of the action. Available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Apple TV, and Roku.


ESPN FC is a comprehensive app that covers everything you need to know about soccer. With customizable features, you can receive alerts for goals, game starts, and breaking news. This app also tracks MLS teams, ensuring you never miss a game. Available on iOS and Android devices.

3. Team Stream from Bleacher Report

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Team Stream is a visually-appealing app that covers not only soccer but all major sports. With easy customization, you can get news on all your favorite teams in just a few taps. Stay up-to-date with the latest rumors, scores, and news. Available on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and the Amazon appstore.

4. theScore

theScore offers a unique social integration and a high level of customization. Set up alerts for specific players and share updates with friends. Although news alerts and scorelines may not always be timely, this app is perfect for those who want to know everything about their teams and players. Check out theScore app.

5. Apps from your TV provider

Many cable providers now offer mobile apps that allow you to stream your favorite TV channels on your tablet or mobile phone. With a subscription to a cable provider, you can access these apps and watch your favorite soccer games on the go. Some popular apps to check out include Fios Mobile, DirecTV App, Comcast Xfinity App, and Dish Anywhere App.

6. fuboTV

fuboTV is the ideal app for soccer fans who want to watch games on-the-go. It provides access to a wide range of leagues and channels, including La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue Un. Whether you’re a cord-cutter or want the flexibility to watch games whenever and wherever, fuboTV has you covered. Available on iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon TV, and more.

7. talkSPORT

For fans of the Premier League, the talkSPORT app is a must-have. With live coverage, breaking news, interviews, and post-match analysis, this app keeps you up to speed on all things EPL. Available on iOS, Android, and Blackberry devices.

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8. Tunein

Tunein is an easy-to-use app that aggregates thousands of radio stations, podcasts, and live audio in one place. Choose from a variety of soccer-specific channels, including World Soccer Talk Radio, talkSPORT, and BBC World Service. Once you start using Tunein, you won’t be able to get enough.

9. SiriusXM FC

For the best soccer content, SiriusXM FC offers a dedicated channel focused on the sport. With shows like Soccer Morning and MLS ExtraTime Radio, this channel caters to MLS fans as well. Although a subscription is required, the quality of content makes it worthwhile.

10. World Soccer Talk

The free World Soccer Talk app is a one-stop-shop for the latest news, opinions, live scores, and podcast episodes. With a clean and user-friendly design, this app provides a seamless experience for soccer fans. Available on iOS and Android devices.


Q: Are these apps available internationally?
A: Yes, most of these apps are available globally. However, some streaming services may be restricted to specific regions.

Q: Do these apps require a subscription?
A: While some apps are free to download and use, others may require a subscription or cable provider login for full access to all features.

Q: Can I customize the notifications and alerts in these apps?
A: Yes, many of these apps allow you to customize notifications, so you only receive updates for the teams or leagues you’re interested in.


With these top mobile apps for soccer fans, you can stay connected to the game no matter where you are. Whether you want to watch live games, get live scores, or stay up-to-date with the latest news and analysis, these apps have you covered. Download them today and enjoy the world’s most popular sport at your fingertips.

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