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7 Essentials for a Successful Soccer Practice

soccer coach outfit

Grassroots soccer coaches come in all forms, from the underprepared to the overachiever. As a coach, it’s important to strike a balance. You want to be prepared with the essential gear but not go overboard. After all, this is youth soccer.

So, what are the essentials for a successful soccer practice? We spoke with long-time youth soccer coach Mike Singleton to find out.

Soccer Balls

Sure, your players may show up with their own soccer balls, but it’s crucial to have extras on hand. Make sure you have the correct size ball for your age group. They don’t have to be fancy, as long as they’re functional. Consider getting a netted ball bag to transport them conveniently.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must-have for any coach. You can assemble one from your bathroom closet or purchase a new one. Make sure it includes Band-Aids, medical tape, rubber gloves, antibiotic ointment, gauze, and cotton balls or pads. Safety should be a top priority for every practice.

Disc Cones

Disc cones are essential for creating boundaries, small gates, and goals during drills and activities. Singleton recommends having at least 20 available to provide versatility in your training sessions. They are affordable and indispensable for structuring your practices effectively.

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Pinnies are practice jerseys that designate players or groups for activities, especially during scrimmages. Ensure you have enough pinnies for your players, usually six to twelve depending on your team size. Opt for youth sizes and consider purchasing them if your league or club doesn’t provide them.

Ball Pump

Be prepared for a flat ball during the season by having a small and portable ball pump. Singleton suggests getting a pump with tiny tubes that can fit into a backpack. It’s a convenient tool to bring along and can save practice time. Remember to inflate the balls at home before heading to the field.

The Right Outfit

As a coach, choose athletic clothes that are comfortable and allow for easy movement. Cleats or soccer shoes are not necessary, but comfortable athletic shoes are recommended. And don’t forget to wear a mask. Many states require coaches to wear masks during practices and games due to the ongoing pandemic.

A Phone

Always keep your phone with you during practice. In case of emergencies or if someone is running late for pickup, having your phone readily available can be a lifesaver. It’s a small but important tool that every coach should have on hand.

And One Thing Not to Bring…

Leave the whistle behind. According to Singleton, using your voice and the players’ names is more personal and effective than relying on a shrill whistle. Whistles can be alarming and annoying, especially for younger kids. Make it fun and engaging by using verbal cues instead.

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Remember, these essentials will help you run a successful soccer practice and provide a positive experience for your players. Stay organized, be prepared, and most importantly, enjoy the beautiful game of soccer with your team.


1. Where can I purchase the essential soccer gear mentioned in the article?

You can find the necessary gear at sports stores or online retailers that specialize in soccer equipment. Alternatively, you can check out Pesstatsdatabase for a wide range of soccer gear options.

2. Are there any other essential items that coaches should consider bringing to practice?

While the mentioned essentials cover the basics, coaches may have additional items depending on their specific coaching style and needs. Some coaches may bring a clipboard, stopwatch, cones, or agility ladder for more advanced training sessions. It’s essential to assess your coaching requirements and adjust accordingly.


Being well-prepared for soccer practice is key to providing a positive and engaging experience for your players. By having the right gear, you can ensure that your practices run smoothly and efficiently. Remember, as a coach, you play a vital role in shaping young players’ love for the game. Enjoy the journey and embrace the beautiful world of soccer coaching!

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