Thursday, 25 Jul 2024

The Fascination of Footballers’ Ponytails: An Unfortunate Fashion Trend

soccer player with ponytail

There has been a noticeable resurgence of ponytails among footballers on the pitch. But are ponytails for men really back in style? Let’s delve into this peculiar fashion choice and its enduring presence in the world of football.

The Footballer’s Fashion Conundrum

Footballers and fashion trends are rarely seen together. In fact, it’s challenging to recall a single instance where a footballer has started a fashion trend worth emulating. Most footballers fail to grasp the concept of style, often opting for clichéd looks instead. Ponytails fall squarely into this category, with many players mistakenly believing that they embody a timeless and classic aesthetic.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic with a ponytail
Zlatan Ibrahimovic rocking a ponytail.

The Tao of the Ponytail

During a recent England-Sweden match, I discovered several insights about the male ponytail. Firstly, in Swedish, ponytail translates to “hästsvans,” a term that amusingly reminds me of Häagen-Dazs, albeit in a rather unsettling way. Secondly, the desire for a ponytail is not limited to English footballers, known for their questionable fashion sense. Even Swedish football sensation Zlatan Ibrahimovic embraced the ponytail, albeit in a nightmarish fashion.

Understanding the Footballer’s Mentality

The ponytail illuminates the essence of a footballer’s character. These players exist within their own bubble, characterized by arrogance, a detachment from modern trends, a lack of interest in others’ opinions, and a longing for outdated machismo. A ponytail is not just a hairstyle but a symbol of a footballer’s mentality.

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The Fans and Their Nostalgic Love

Football fans, on the other hand, do not necessarily share the arrogant sociopathy of their idols. However, many of them, particularly those in their thirties and older, hold onto a 70s concept of machismo. They reminisce about the past and romanticize the game, overlooking its current corporatization. Football, especially English football, is deeply rooted in nostalgia, with fans clinging to memories rather than embracing the present reality.


Q: Are ponytails exclusive to football or seen in other sports?

A: While other sports may showcase questionable hairstyles, football provides a particularly fertile ground for the proliferation of men’s ponytails and alice bands.

Q: Why do football fans have a nostalgic love for the sport?

A: Football fans, especially those of an older generation, often idealize the past and hold onto childhood memories of the game. Their love for football is rooted in fantasies of a bygone era rather than the current state of the sport.


While ponytails may persist as a popular hairstyle in football, they have yet to gain a foothold in the real world of fashion. Footballers’ fashion choices often miss the mark, with ponytails serving as a prime example of their lack of style awareness. So, unless you’re hitting the pitch or attending a football match, it’s best to leave the ponytail trend to the players and embrace more timeless styles in your everyday life.