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Wales’ New Macron Kit: Sizing Concerns and Exclusionary Practices

macron jersey sizing
Image: Macron Jersey Sizing

The release of Macron’s first off-field Wales gear has sparked a new issue – the sizing problems caused by the Italian company, which may exclude some fans from supporting their team in official WRU gear. Macron’s approach to sizing offers a wide selection of sizes within a narrower range, making it difficult for larger and smaller fans to find garments in their size.

The Sizing Issue

Macron’s unconventional sizing system can be perplexing. For instance, if you previously wore a size L in the old Under Armour sizing (42-44′ chest), you might end up wearing an L, XL, XXL, or even a 3XL in Macron. This drastic difference in sizes can catch many fans off guard, especially after being accustomed to ordering UA or Reebok sizing for the past two decades.

Smaller size gaps may be an improvement in the long run once you know your size. However, the limited range of sizes offered by Macron means that some fans may struggle to find jerseys that fit them.

The new Macron size guide
The new Macron size guide, as featured on the WRU Store website.

Limited Options

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The previous Under Armour size guide showed a broad range of sizes (XS-4XL, and even 5XL in 2019-20), offering more flexibility. In contrast, Macron’s sizing options are narrower, leaving fans with a limited selection. For example, if you previously wore an XS jersey, you would have to buy a small jersey and hope that the four-inch difference doesn’t make you feel out of place. Fans who felt comfortable in a XXL Under Armour jersey may find themselves hoping that the smaller 5XL Macron top won’t be too snug. Unfortunately, if you wore the 3XL, 4XL, or 5XL jerseys produced by Under Armour, you will have no luck finding a suitable size with Macron.

Comparison of sizing options

Exclusionary Sizing

The issue goes beyond the inconvenience of finding the right size. Some fans who previously wore extended sizes may find themselves excluded from supporting their team. It is unfortunate that the sizing of the new gear fails to accommodate all fans, especially in an era where brands are being called out for exclusionary practices, particularly regarding plus sizes. Rugby is a sport that prides itself on embracing athletes of all shapes and sizes on the pitch, so it is disheartening that the WRU’s Macron gear does not reflect inclusivity for all fans.

Welsh rugby team

A new kit supplier should invigorate the team and excite fans about fresh gear. However, the Macron deal has already encountered criticism, and issues like these only serve to alienate fans further. It raises concerns about whether Macron can afford any missteps in their partnership with the WRU.

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Rugby Shirt Watch has reached out to the WRU for comment on this matter and will update this story accordingly.


Q: Are Macron jerseys only available in limited sizes?
A: Yes, Macron offers a narrower range of sizes compared to other brands, making it challenging for fans who require sizes outside their selection.

Q: Can fans expect more inclusive sizing options in the future?
A: It is unclear whether Macron will expand their sizing options in the future. However, it is important for brands to consider inclusivity and cater to fans of all shapes and sizes.


Macron’s approach to sizing in their new Wales gear has raised concerns among fans. The limited range of sizes and the need to wear a different size than normal can be frustrating for supporters who have been loyal to their team for years. The WRU and Macron should address these sizing issues and ensure that fans of all sizes can proudly wear their team’s official gear. For more information about the WRU and its gear, visit the Pesstatsdatabase website.

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