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Top 10 Football Players Who Wear the Number 22 Jersey

soccer players with number 22

In football, the number on a player’s jersey can sometimes hold special significance. While certain numbers are traditionally associated with specific positions, like the number 9 for strikers, there are exceptions to these rules. One such number is 22, which is often worn by a diverse range of players across different positions. Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 football players who are currently donning the number 22 jersey in the 2022/23 season.

1. Angel Di Maria (Juventus)

Angel Di Maria footballers with the most

Angel Di Maria, the Argentine forward, is one of the most well-known footballers in the world. Having played for top clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain, he now finds himself at Juventus in Italy. Di Maria has already made an impact at Juventus, playing in both the Serie A and the UEFA Champions League. Fun fact: Di Maria is also one of the footballers with the most assists in the history of the sport. It’s worth noting that while he wears the number 22 jersey at club level, he dons the number 11 for the Argentine national team.

2. Antonio Rüdiger (Real Madrid)

Antonio Rüdiger soccer players wearing number 22

Antonio Rüdiger, the German central defender, currently plays for Real Madrid. After leaving Chelsea due to their ownership controversy, Rüdiger joined Real Madrid and chose to wear the number 22 jersey. Despite interest from other clubs, such as Barcelona, Rüdiger made the decision to join Real Madrid and is now an integral part of their defense.

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3. Jude Bellingham (Borussia Dortmund)

Jude Bellingham football players who wear number 22 jersey

Jude Bellingham, the young English midfielder, caught the attention of top European clubs while playing for Birmingham City. He ultimately chose to join Borussia Dortmund, where he was assigned the number 22 jersey in 2020. Bellingham, who is already representing England in the 2022 World Cup, is considered one of the brightest prospects in the sport.

4. Hakim Ziyech (Chelsea)

Hakim Ziyech footballers who wear number 22 jersey

Hakim Ziyech, the Moroccan attacking midfielder, joined Chelsea from Ajax in 2020. Although he has yet to fully meet the high expectations placed upon him, his performances for Morocco in the World Cup have shown glimpses of his potential. Perhaps it is time for the Chelsea fans to give the number 22 jersey a little more time.

5. Raphinha (Barcelona)

Raphinha best right-wingers in the world

Raphinha, the Brazilian forward, drew interest from top clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea before signing for Barcelona. The talented winger had always dreamed of playing for Barcelona, making it an easy choice despite the club’s financial challenges. While Raphinha initially wore the number 19 jersey at Barcelona, that may change as future transfers reshuffle the squad.

6. Giovanni Di Lorenzo (Napoli)

Giovanni Di Lorenzo

Giovanni Di Lorenzo, the Italian right-back, has been a key player for Napoli since joining the club in 2019. Wearing the number 22 jersey, he has made over 120 appearances for the club across various competitions. Di Lorenzo’s performances have earned him a reputation as one of the best right-backs in the world.

7. Calvin Ramsay (Liverpool)

Calvin Ramsay, a promising young talent from Scotland, made a name for himself at Aberdeen in the Scottish Premier League. His performances caught the attention of Liverpool, and the 19-year-old right-back joined the club in the summer. Despite limited appearances thus far, Ramsay wears the number 22 jersey for Liverpool.

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8. Nick Pope (Newcastle United)

Nick Pope, one of England’s top goalkeepers, joined Newcastle United from Burnley in the summer transfer window. As the second choice goalkeeper for the England national team in the World Cup, he is a valuable asset for Newcastle United. Pope proudly wears the number 22 jersey at St James’ Park.

9. Ryan Yates (Nottingham Forest)

Ryan Yates, a midfielder, has been associated with Nottingham Forest for several years. Despite loan spells, he has remained at the club, making 13 Premier League appearances this season. Yates continues to wear the number 22 jersey for the team as they embark on their first season back in the Premier League.

10. Ben Godfrey (Everton)

Ben Godfrey, an English defender, joined Everton in 2020 from Norwich City. With over 55 appearances for Everton, including 23 in the Premier League last season, Godfrey remains an important part of the team’s defense. He proudly wears the number 22 jersey at Goodison Park.


Q: Are these players the only ones who wear the number 22 jersey?
A: No, these players are just a selection of notable footballers who wear the number 22 jersey. There are many more players across different leagues and clubs who also wear this number.

Q: Why do football players choose to wear the number 22 jersey?
A: The reasons behind a player’s choice of jersey number can vary. Some players have personal or superstitious reasons, while others simply prefer the aesthetic appeal of a particular number.

Q: Can the number on a player’s jersey change during their career?
A: Yes, a player’s jersey number can change if they transfer to another club or if their current club decides to assign them a different number. It is not uncommon for players to switch numbers throughout their careers.

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The number 22 jersey holds a special significance in the world of football, as it is worn by players across various positions. From forwards and midfielders to defenders and goalkeepers, these talented individuals showcase their skills while proudly donning the number 22. Whether they are representing their clubs or their national teams, these players continue to make their mark on the beautiful game.