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Sweden’s Men’s Soccer: Can a New Coach and Another Ibrahimovic Revive the Team?

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As Janne Andersson bids farewell after seven years as Sweden coach, the future of the men’s soccer team remains uncertain. With recent disappointments and a slump in performance, fans are looking for hope. Could a new coach and another Ibrahimovic be the solution?

A Tale of Woe

Sweden, once a proud soccer nation, has been hit hard with a series of setbacks. After reaching the World Cup semifinals in 1994 and the quarterfinals in 2018, the team has stumbled. Failing to qualify for both the European Championship and the World Cup, Sweden faces its darkest times in a generation. The absence of the distinctive yellow Swedish jersey in back-to-back major men’s tournaments since the 1980s is a reminder of their struggles.

The Slump Continues

Not only has the national team struggled, but Swedish club sides have also faced challenges in European competitions. Hacken, Sweden’s sole representative, has suffered four defeats in the Europa League group stage with a goal difference of minus-11, the worst record in the competition. Sweden’s club ranking has plummeted to 23rd in UEFA’s standings, trailing behind Cyprus.

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Challenges Off the Field

In addition to on-field struggles, Sweden’s supporters have faced tragedy. A gunman targeted Swedish fans before a Euro 2024 qualifier against Belgium, resulting in the death of two supporters. The incident has sparked debates about fan safety and whether national colors should be worn by traveling fans.

Hope on the Horizon?

Despite the current gloom, there are glimmers of hope. With Janne Andersson’s departure, Sweden’s football federation has an opportunity to hire a younger coach with a fresh perspective on the game. The team possesses exciting young attacking players such as Alexander Isak and Dejan Kulusevski, who have been impressing in the Premier League. A change in coaching style and tactics could bring out the best in these talents.

The Need for Change

Critics argue that Andersson’s approach was overly pragmatic and outdated. Playing with a traditional target man upfront and utilizing a 4-4-2 formation reflected influences from his coaching mentors Roy Hodgson and Bob Houghton. However, as Sweden is left with an injury-prone and now-retired Zlatan Ibrahimovic, along with a lack of quality in key positions, results have suffered. The defeat to Azerbaijan and the loss to Austria dashed any hopes of qualifying for Euro 2024.

A Call for Offensive Football

Fans and players alike are calling for a change in the team’s style of play. Roony Bardghji, a promising talent from the under-21 team, suggests a more attacking approach with greater ball possession. The possibility of hiring the team’s first-ever foreign-born coach, such as Per Mathias Högmo from Norway, is being considered. However, Graham Potter, who previously coached in Sweden, and Peter Gerhardsson, the successful coach of the women’s national team, have both declined interest in the position.

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The Young Stars Bring Hope

Amidst the uncertainty, the emergence of young talents like Isak, Kulusevski, and Bardghji, along with 19-year-old Hugo Larsson, provides hope for the future. Larsson’s record-breaking transfer fee to Eintracht Frankfurt highlights the potential of Swedish players. Additionally, there is excitement surrounding Vincent Ibrahimovic, son of Sweden legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who has been called up to the under-15 squad.


Q: Will hiring a new coach solve Sweden’s problems?
A: While a coaching change can bring fresh ideas and approaches, the team’s challenges extend beyond coaching. Strengthening key positions and providing support to the emerging talents will be crucial.

Q: Is Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s son expected to follow in his father’s footsteps?
A: Vincent Ibrahimovic’s call-up to the under-15 squad is an encouraging sign. However, it is too early to predict his future success.

Q: What can fans expect in the coming years for Swedish soccer?
A: With a new coach and a talented pool of young players, there is optimism for the future. Rebuilding the team will take time, but progress can be made by fostering a modern and attacking style of play.


Sweden’s men’s soccer team is currently experiencing a challenging period. However, with the appointment of a new coach and the emergence of talented young players, there is hope for a brighter future. The team’s supporters must stay resilient and continue to show their unwavering passion. With time, dedication, and a fresh approach, Sweden’s soccer fortunes can be revived.

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