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Virgil van Dijk: Family Time Takes Priority Over Football

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Liverpool captain Virgil van Dijk has revealed that amidst the Premier League title race, he paid little attention to how their rivals performed over the festive period. Instead, he prioritized spending quality time with his family during the holidays.

Focusing on Family

After leading Liverpool to the top of the table with a victory against Burnley, manager Jurgen Klopp granted the players a well-deserved break with no matches for five days. During this time, Manchester City won twice, while Arsenal suffered a defeat.

“We’ve had a couple of days to spend with our families before we focus on another big game on New Year’s Day,” Van Dijk expressed. He further added, “Not at all. I didn’t even watch football. I was spending time with my family. We’ve been away so much recently.”

Striving for Consistency

When asked about the title race, Van Dijk remained cautious, emphasizing that it’s too early to discuss winning the league. He stated, “I don’t speak about winning the league at this point. I don’t think anyone in this team will do that because we know from experience that anything can happen.”

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Van Dijk stressed the importance of consistency and taking each game as it comes, which has been vital to the team’s previous successes.

Impressed by Young Talent

Van Dijk praised 20-year-old Jarell Quansah, who partnered with him in central defense during the recent match against Burnley. Quansah has shown great potential in his breakout season, making 14 appearances so far.

“I think every challenge which came his way so far he has dealt with it outstandingly in my opinion,” Van Dijk commented. He acknowledged that Quansah still has room to grow and gain experience, but he is confident in his abilities and believes the young defender will continue to progress.

A Reminder of Respect

Quansah’s self-confidence was evident in a recent television interview where he expressed his ambition to surpass the injured Joel Matip in the pecking order. Van Dijk understood Quansah’s mindset but reminded him of the importance of recognizing Matip’s contributions to the club’s success.

“I don’t think he meant it in that way. Still, when I was 20 maybe I would say these sorts of things, but I totally understand where he is coming from. But he should not forget what Joel has meant for this club and the success we had,” Van Dijk explained.

Concerns over Anfield Road Stand

In other news, there are growing concerns within the club about persistent standing issues in the newly-opened Anfield Road Stand. During matches against Arsenal and Manchester United, stewards faced unacceptable abuse from fans who refused to sit down despite warnings. Consequently, there is the possibility of a reduced capacity and fewer tickets available for home fans.

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1. How many appearances has Jarell Quansah made for Liverpool?

Jarell Quansah has made 14 appearances for Liverpool so far in his breakout season.

2. Is Virgil van Dijk focused on winning the league?

Van Dijk prefers to remain cautious and emphasizes the importance of consistency rather than discussing winning the league.

3. What are the concerns regarding the Anfield Road Stand?

There is growing concern about persistent standing issues in the newly-opened Anfield Road Stand, which may lead to a reduced capacity and fewer tickets for home fans.


Virgil van Dijk’s priority during the festive period was spending quality time with his family rather than paying attention to how their Premier League rivals fared. He stressed the importance of consistency and acknowledged the impressive performances of young defender Jarell Quansah. Additionally, concerns have arisen regarding persistent standing problems in the Anfield Road Stand, potentially affecting the capacity and availability of tickets for home fans. As the season continues, Liverpool aims to maintain their focus and continue their pursuit of success.