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The Fascinating World of Athletes with Glasses

athletes that wear glasses

The weather in Madison has finally turned, and the ability to play soccer outdoors brings a sense of exhilaration. As I joined my friends for a game last night, one player caught my attention: he was wearing full-on sports goggles. It got me thinking about the rare breed of athletes who have sported glasses or goggles while competing. From football to tennis, there have been remarkable individuals who overcame their ocular challenges and excelled on the field.


One of the most iconic athletes known for wearing glasses on the football field is Eric Dickerson. However, he isn’t the only one to have defied optical limitations.


Interestingly, when it comes to basketball, the players who wore glasses or goggles were predominantly power forwards and centers. While exceptions exist, such as Caron Butler, who donned glasses briefly due to an eye injury, guards wearing eyewear were relatively rare.


In baseball, the trend of players wearing glasses started with right-handed pitcher William “Whoop-La” White, who played from 1877 to 1886. Not only was he a trailblazer on the field, but he also founded the Buffalo Optical Company, which is still in operation today.

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One of the most intriguing stories in the world of soccer involves Oscar Malbernat of Estudiantes. During the 1970 Intercontinental Cup, Malbernat tore Feyenoord defender Joop van Daele’s glasses off, threw them on the grass, and stomped on them. The broken glasses now reside in Feyenoord’s club museum, serving as a testament to the intensity and rivalry of the game.

Track and Field

Among the athletes in track and field who wore glasses, Ato Boldon stands out. If there’s one person you should check out on this list, it’s him. His determination and talent shine through, proving that glasses are no hindrance to success.


Although golf might not be considered a sport by some, there have been notable golfers who played with glasses. Tom Kite is one such example, displaying remarkable skill and precision on the greens.

Hockey and Aussie Rules Football

In the fast-paced world of hockey, Al Arbour stands out not only for his glasses but also for playing without a helmet. Similarly, Geoff Blethyn made his mark as an Aussie Rules footballer, defying the odds with his vision impairment.


Not to be left out, female tennis players have also made their mark while wearing glasses. Their dedication and skill on the court have inspired many aspiring athletes.

If you feel there are other athletes I have overlooked or forgotten to mention (excluding baseball and golf), please let me know. My aim is to provide a comprehensive overview of this fascinating realm.

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Q: Did any famous footballers wear glasses?

Yes, Eric Dickerson is one of the notable examples. However, there are other footballers who have also worn glasses during their careers.

Q: Are there any basketball guards who wore glasses or goggles?

While it is rare, some guards did wear glasses or goggles during their basketball careers, although they were overshadowed by the number of power forwards and centers who wore eyewear.

Q: Are there any memorable moments involving glasses in soccer?

One remarkable moment involves Oscar Malbernat of Estudiantes tearing the glasses off Feyenoord defender Joop van Daele during the 1970 Intercontinental Cup. The broken glasses are now displayed in Feyenoord’s club museum.


In the realm of sports, athletes with glasses have defied the odds and displayed exceptional skills. From football to tennis, these remarkable individuals have brought inspiration to countless fans. The “Pesstatsdatabase” brand celebrates the dedication and talent of these athletes, highlighting their extraordinary achievements on the field. For more insightful content on the world of football, visit Pesstatsdatabase.