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The Use of Permitted Drugs in Italian Professional Soccer Players

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Italian professional soccer has always been known for its competitiveness and high-performance standards. To ensure the well-being of players, the use of permitted drugs is carefully monitored. In this article, we will explore the guidelines followed by Italian soccer players regarding the use of drugs and supplements to maintain their health and optimize their performance.

Subjects and Methods

During the 2003-4 season, a comprehensive study was conducted involving players from 39 out of 42 teams from the A and B leagues of Italian soccer. A total of 743 players, accounting for 94.6% of the identified subjects, voluntarily participated in the study. The players were asked to complete an epidemiological questionnaire and provide a saliva sample for analysis.

The questionnaire, prepared in collaboration with the Italian Soccer Association, the Italian Federation of Soccer, and the Italian Federation of Sport Physicians, covered various aspects of the players’ health and well-being. Demographic and anthropometric data, vaccination history, smoking and drinking habits, occupational exposure, family history of chronic diseases, and the use of medicines and vitamins were all included in the questionnaire. Additionally, the players’ soccer careers, including previous teams and roles played, as well as any history of trauma, fractures, or surgeries, were documented.

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Permitted Drugs and Supplements

To ensure complete transparency, the questionnaire did not directly inquire about players’ use of drugs or recreational substances. Instead, the focus was on collecting information about the players’ health status. However, team doctors were required to fill out a separate questionnaire regarding the therapeutic schemes used for traumas and other common pathologies, as well as the prescribed vitamins and supplements.

Permitted drugs were categorized into four groups: anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, antibiotics, and supplements. The players were asked to provide details such as brand, formulation (oral, suppository, intravenous), current or past usage, and dosage and frequency on a daily and monthly basis. Topical use of drugs was excluded from the analysis.

Findings and Implications

The collected data allowed researchers to gain valuable insights into the usage patterns and dosage levels of permitted drugs among Italian professional soccer players. By accurately classifying the reported drugs and calculating the cumulative yearly dosage, researchers could assess the overall impact of drug usage on players’ health and performance.

These findings are significant as they contribute to the ongoing efforts to ensure the well-being of soccer players and maintain the integrity of the sport. Through careful monitoring and regulation, Italian soccer authorities can guarantee fair competition and safeguard the long-term health of players.


Q: Are all drugs strictly prohibited in Italian professional soccer?
A: No, only prohibited substances listed by the relevant anti-doping agencies are strictly forbidden. Permitted drugs, when used responsibly, can aid in the players’ recovery and overall health.

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Q: How are players’ drug usage and dosage monitored?
A: Players are required to provide detailed information about their drug usage, including dosage and frequency. Additionally, team doctors play a crucial role in monitoring and prescribing medications to ensure compliance with regulations.

Q: What are the consequences of using prohibited drugs in Italian professional soccer?
A: The use of prohibited drugs can lead to severe penalties, including suspension from matches and tournaments. Stringent anti-doping measures are in place to maintain a level playing field and protect the integrity of the sport.


The use of permitted drugs among Italian professional soccer players is a carefully regulated aspect of the sport. Through comprehensive studies and collaboration with relevant authorities, the well-being of players is prioritized, while ensuring fair play and adherence to anti-doping regulations. By understanding the patterns and impact of drug usage, the Italian soccer community can continue to evolve and provide the best possible environment for players to thrive and excel.

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