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Embracing the Call: Thomas Lewandowski’s Journey to Priesthood

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In life, there comes a moment when we are faced with the undeniable call of destiny. For Thomas J. Lewandowski, that moment arrived during his five-year stint as a cross-country truck driver. It was on those long, solitary roads that the call to priesthood became impossible to ignore.

Answering the Call

Father Lewandowski, now 43, was ordained to the priesthood on June 24, 2000, by Bishop Donald Wuerl. Looking back, he acknowledges that the call to serve had always been present, but it took time and soul-searching for him to fully embrace this divine gift.

A Time of Reflection

During his time on the road, Father Lewandowski found himself with ample opportunity for introspection, meditation, and prayer. The solitude allowed him to truly connect with his inner self and discern God’s purpose for him.

“I had a lot of time to think,” he shares. “And through encounters with strangers, I felt God working in my life. Even a passing remark from someone I had met just once had a profound impact. I began to recognize God’s presence in people and in the beauty of creation, especially in the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets I witnessed.”

A Compassionate Priest

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As Father Lewandowski embarks on his vocation, those who know him have no doubt about the positive influence he will have. Father Dennis Colamarino, his pastor, describes him as a compassionate and sensitive individual with a genuine commitment to serving others.

“He is not ‘clerical’ in the conventional sense,” Father Colamarino remarks. “He doesn’t seek power or control over others. Instead, he approaches his role with care and empathy, allowing him to connect with people on a deeper level.”

Lessons Along the Way

Father Lewandowski’s journey has been shaped by the priests he has encountered throughout his life. His varied background, which includes working as a busboy, dishwasher, and truck driver before entering the seminary, has given him a unique perspective and heightened sensitivity to the struggles of others.

Reflecting on his path, Father Lewandowski shares, “I’m incredibly content with where I am today. There was always a void within me that I couldn’t fill, but once I accepted the calling to priesthood and wholeheartedly embraced it, that void was replaced with a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose. I am certain that this is where God wants me to be.”


Q: How old was Father Lewandowski when he was ordained?

A: Father Lewandowski was ordained at the age of 43.

Q: What kind of background does Father Lewandowski have?

A: Prior to entering the seminary, Father Lewandowski worked as a busboy, dishwasher, and truck driver.

Q: How does Father Lewandowski approach his role as a priest?

A: Father Lewandowski is known for his compassionate and people-oriented approach to his role. He does not seek power or control but instead focuses on caring for others.

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Thomas Lewandowski’s journey from truck driver to priest is a testament to the transformative power of faith and the indomitable spirit of those who listen to their calling. With his sensitivity, empathy, and deep connection to God, Father Lewandowski is poised to touch the lives of many as he embarks on this new chapter of his life.

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