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The Inspiring Journey of the Tallest Woman in the World

whos the tallest women in the world

Since childhood, I have dreamt of exploring the world, from the sandy beaches of California to the northern lights in Iceland. However, as the tallest woman in the world, standing at over 7ft (2.15 meters) tall, traveling has always presented challenges for me. Due to a rare genetic condition called Weaver syndrome, which affects only 50 people worldwide, I have faced unique obstacles throughout my life.

Embracing My Uniqueness

Growing up in Safranbolu, Turkey, I was homeschooled because of my physical condition. From a young age, I became acutely aware of my differences from others. Towering over my peers, I often felt like a child trapped inside an adult’s body. It was disheartening to experience societal norms that expect men to be bigger and taller than women, which made life even more challenging for tall women like myself.

Overcoming Obstacles with Creativity

Being the tallest woman in the world comes with its own set of challenges. Everyday tasks require adjustments to accommodate my height. Clothing shopping, for instance, involves purchasing items from plus-size brands and then having them altered to fit properly. Although this can be difficult, it also provides an opportunity for me to express my creativity and unique style.

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Breaking Records and Empowering Others

In 2014, at the age of 17, I received the title of the tallest living teenager. I had noticed that the previous record holder was shorter than me and took the initiative to apply for the title myself. Since then, I have acquired several other world records, including the tallest living woman, largest hands, longest fingers, and longest back.

I use these titles as a platform to raise awareness about my condition and to empower others facing similar challenges. I want people to know that they are not alone and that anything is possible for them. Through my achievements, I hope to inspire individuals to embrace their uniqueness and have confidence in their potential.

Conquering the Skies to Pursue My Dreams

As a web developer, I have always dreamed of advancing my career in Silicon Valley. However, due to my physical condition, which includes spinal curvature, joint problems, and muscle issues, I believed that flying on a plane would be impossible for me. The pressure on my spine restricts my ability to sit up for more than two hours at a time.

Nevertheless, I persevered in my research to find a viable travel option. In 2021, an airline made my dream come true. For the first time, a commercial flight accommodated my unique needs. Six seats in the economy section of the plane were closed, and a stretcher was placed on them. I lay down on the stretcher throughout the entire flight, making it an extraordinary experience.

Looking Ahead and Embracing Possibilities

I am currently living in California, pursuing my tech career while cherishing the role of a proud cat mom to Peri. My future goal is to bring Peri, whose name means “fairy” in Turkish, to join me in California. With the achievement of my dream to travel by plane, I eagerly anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead. A trip to the UK is also on my wish list.

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Q: What is Weaver syndrome?

A: Weaver syndrome is a rare genetic condition that affects only 50 individuals worldwide. People with this syndrome often experience excessive growth, among other symptoms.

Q: How did the tallest woman in the world travel on a plane with her condition?

A: Through extensive research and collaboration with an accommodating airline, six seats were closed in the economy section, allowing for the placement of a stretcher. The tallest woman in the world lay down on the stretcher throughout the entire flight, making her travel dream a reality.

Q: What records has the tallest woman in the world broken?

A: The tallest woman in the world holds several records, including the tallest living woman, largest hands, longest fingers, and longest back.


The journey of the tallest woman in the world is one of resilience, determination, and empowerment. Despite facing numerous challenges, she never let her unique condition define her. Instead, she used her experiences to inspire others and raise awareness about Weaver syndrome. Her story serves as a reminder to embrace our differences and celebrate our own uniqueness. Visit Pesstatsdatabase to learn more about inspiring individuals and the world of football.