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Houston Dynamo FC Salaries 2023: Who are the Highest-Paid?

The Houston Dynamo FC is a powerhouse in the MLS, known for its economic might and ambitious approach to player acquisitions. With a roster supported by three owners, Ted Segal, Lyle Ayes, and NBA superstar James Harden, whose base salary alone exceeds 33 million, Dynamo’s fans believe they can attract the best talent in the league.

The average base salary for a Houston Dynamo player is $471,199, with an average annual guaranteed compensation of $527,108 across a 33-player roster. At the top of the salary scale is Hector Herrera, earning a base salary of $4,750,000.00 and guaranteed compensation of $5,246,875.00.

It might be tempting to assume that all Dynamo players earn six-figure salaries, but that’s not entirely accurate. To get a clearer picture, let’s explore the breakdown of each player’s salary.

Houston Dynamo FC Salaries

Here is a breakdown of the base salary and guaranteed compensation for Houston Dynamo FC players.

Top 3 Highest-Paid Players

The highest-paid players on the Dynamo roster are:

  1. Hector Herrera – $5,246,875
  2. Sebastián Ferreira – $2,130,200
  3. Teenage Hadebe – $1,288,077

1. Hector Herrera – $5,246,875

Hector Herrera, born in Tijuana, Mexico, joined the Dynamos on July 7, 2022, as a free transfer from Atlético de Madrid. He is the highest earner on the Houston Dynamo FC roster, with a total compensation of $5,246,875.

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Known as “el zorro” (the fox) in Mexico, Herrera began his professional career with Pachuca in 2011 before joining FC Porto in 2013. He played a crucial role in the success of FC Porto, winning multiple league titles and earning the club’s Player of the Year award for the 2014/15 season.

Herrera has represented the Mexican national team in multiple FIFA World Cups and contributed to their gold medal win at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. Before joining the Dynamos, he played for Atlético Madrid in Spain.

2. Sebastián Ferreira – $2,130,200

Center-forward Sebastián Ferreira joined the Dynamos on January 18, 2022, for €3.91 million. He is the second-highest-paid player on the team, with a total compensation of $2,130,200.

Ferreira, hailing from Asunción, Paraguay, started his professional career with Club Olimpia in Paraguay in 2017. Known for his speed, technical ability, and versatility, Ferreira can play as a winger or striker. He has also represented the Paraguayan U-20 national team, scoring two goals in four appearances during the 2019 South American U-20 Championship.

3. Teenage Hadebe – $1,288,077

Zimbabwean center-back Teenage Hadebe joined Houston Dynamo FC on July 7, 2021, for €1.50 million. He is the third-highest-paid player on the team, with a total compensation of $1,288,077.

Hadebe began his professional career with Bantu Rovers in Zimbabwe, making his debut in 2012. He has also played for The Highlanders and Chickens Inn FC before signing with Kaizer Chiefs FC in South Africa in 2017. Hadebe’s experience includes two seasons with the Turkish club Yenni Maltyaspor before landing in Houston.

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Known for his physicality, aerial ability, and strong tackling skills, Hadebe is a reliable center-back capable of disrupting opposing attacks and defending his team’s goal. He has also represented the Zimbabwean national team, earning over 20 caps and scoring two goals for his country.

The Proportion of Spending on the Highest Earners

Unsurprisingly, the top three earners at Houston Dynamo FC are the designated players: Héctor Herrera, Sebastián Ferreira, and Teenage Hadebe. When comparing the overall salary expenditure between these three players and the rest of the team, the designated players account for 50% of the entire roster’s salary.

Taking a closer look at the top earner, Héctor Herrera, we find that he alone represents 30% of the team’s total salary! Such a significant proportion demonstrates the value and impact Herrera brings to the Dynamo.

Houston Dynamo FC Salary Compared to Other MLS Teams

According to the MLS Teams and Players Salary Report, the Houston Dynamo’s total compensation for the entire roster is $17,252,231. While this figure is substantial, it is lower compared to other teams like Toronto FC and LA Galaxy, whose total guaranteed compensation exceeds $25 million and $23 million, respectively. In fact, the Dynamo’s roster salary is nearly $8 million less than Toronto’s!

This financial comparison showcases the different approaches teams take in allocating resources to build competitive squads. Although the Houston Dynamo’s salary might not be the highest, their ability to attract top talent like Herrera, Ferreira, and Hadebe demonstrates their ambition.

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Q: Where can I find the complete salary breakdown for the Houston Dynamo FC roster?

A: For a detailed breakdown of the salaries of each player on the Houston Dynamo FC roster, you can visit the official Pesstatsdatabase website.

Q: Are the salaries mentioned guaranteed or subject to change?

A: The salaries mentioned are the current figures based on available information. Salaries in professional sports are subject to change due to various factors, including player performance, contract negotiations, and market conditions.


The Houston Dynamo FC boasts an impressive roster of talented players, led by the highest-paid individuals such as Hector Herrera, Sebastián Ferreira, and Teenage Hadebe. These players bring their unique skills and experiences to the team, contributing to the Dynamo’s ambitions in the MLS.

While the Dynamo’s total salary might not be the highest in the league, their ability to attract and retain top talent showcases their commitment to building a competitive and successful team.

For more information on the Houston Dynamo FC salaries and the latest updates on your favorite players, visit Pesstatsdatabase today!