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Adidas Predator Accuracy+ FG Cleats: The Perfect Choice for Football Enthusiasts

The Adidas Predator – an icon. In 2023, Adidas launched its newest Predator model, the Predator Accuracy, which quickly gained popularity among both professional players and football enthusiasts. But how does it compare to its predecessors? We have put the Adidas Predator Accuracy+ to the test to give you a comprehensive and accurate review.

Discover the Adidas Predator Accuracy+

Boasting a range of new technologies, the Predator Accuracy+ claims to provide everything you need to enhance your performance on the field. With its clear strike zone, excellent grip, and, most importantly, comfortable fit, these cleats seem to be a strong contender for the best soccer cleats available.

adidas soccer cleats review

Our Testing Process

To ensure an accurate review, we enlisted the help of boot reviewer @ljcollects, who took the Adidas Predator Accuracy+ for a spin on the pitch. We asked @ljcollects a series of questions, exploring the cleats’ wearability, performance, and any potential drawbacks. From dribbling to shooting, we left no stone unturned, providing you with the most reliable and detailed review possible.

At a Glance

Before diving into the details, let’s take a quick look at the cleats:

  • Grippy
  • Padded
  • Comfortable
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Notable Features of the Predator Accuracy+

The Predator Accuracy+ comes with several standout features that set it apart from the competition:

  • The Hybridtouch upper offers instant comfort, minimizing the break-in period.
  • Rubber elements provide enhanced grip on the ball and cover a larger surface area compared to previous Predator models.

adidas predator accuracy+ - FRONT

Comparison with Competitors

The Adidas Predator Accuracy+ offers a distinctive experience compared to other cleats on the market, including laceless models. The combination of a relatively thin design and padded protection sets it apart from the rest.

adidas predator accuracy+ - studs

The Perfect Fit

The Predator Accuracy+ is ideally suited for midfield players who desire a comfortable and structured option without excessive bulk.

adidas predator accuracy+ - side

Our Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, the Adidas Predator Accuracy+ is a significant upgrade from previous Predator models and represents the best laceless Predator cleats Adidas has ever released. If you’re searching for cleats that provide exceptional control on the pitch, look no further.


Q: Where can I purchase the Adidas Predator Accuracy+ cleats?
A: You can buy the Adidas Predator Accuracy+ cleats directly from Pesstatsdatabase or authorized retailers.

Q: Are the Predator Accuracy+ cleats suitable for wide-footed players?
A: Yes, the Predator Accuracy+ cleats offer a comfortable fit for wide-footed players.

Q: Are the cleats durable?
A: Yes, the Predator Accuracy+ cleats are built to withstand the demands of the game, ensuring durability.

Q: Do these cleats provide good traction on different playing surfaces?
A: Yes, the Predator Accuracy+ cleats offer excellent traction on various playing surfaces, allowing you to perform at your best.


The Adidas Predator Accuracy+ FG cleats are a top choice for football enthusiasts seeking a blend of style, comfort, and high performance on the pitch. With its innovative features and exceptional quality, the Predator Accuracy+ cleats truly live up to the Adidas brand’s reputation. So why wait? Get your pair today and experience the difference for yourself.

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