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Ariel Lassiter: A Football Journey

Ariel Lassiter, born on September 27, 1994, in Turrialba, Costa Rica, is a forward who has made his mark in Major League Soccer (MLS). From his early days with GAIS in the Swedish Superettan to his recent move to Inter Miami, Lassiter’s career has been filled with highs and lows. Let’s take a closer look at his football journey.

Rising Through the Ranks

Lassiter’s professional career began when he signed with GAIS in 2014. He made an immediate impact, scoring his first goal in a 2-0 win against Varbergs Bois. Although his first season was short, he showed promise with his skills on the field.

Ariel Lassiter

Joining the MLS

In 2015, Lassiter signed with LA Galaxy II in the United Soccer League. He quickly became a key player, scoring 11 goals and providing 1 assist in the regular season. His impressive performances helped Galaxy II qualify for the playoffs, where they reached the final but fell short of victory. Lassiter also made an appearance for the Galaxy first team during the season.

Making Strides in the MLS

In 2016, Lassiter’s hard work paid off when he signed a first-team contract with the LA Galaxy. He started the season with Galaxy II and later joined the first team, making significant contributions before suffering a back injury. Lassiter returned to Galaxy II for the remainder of the season, helping them reach the playoffs.

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International Experience

Lassiter’s journey took an international turn in 2018 when he signed with Liga Deportiva Alajuelense in Costa Rica. He made an immediate impact, scoring goals and assisting his team. Lassiter’s performances were instrumental in Alajuelense’s success, with the team finishing top of the table in the 2019 Apertura.

MLS Return and Beyond

In 2020, Lassiter returned to MLS on loan with the Houston Dynamo. He made an impressive debut, scoring twice and helping his team secure a 3-0 victory. Lassiter’s loan move was made permanent at the end of the season, and he continued to make valuable contributions to the team.

On December 16, 2021, Lassiter was traded to Inter Miami, marking a new chapter in his career.


Q: How many goals did Lassiter score in the 2019 Apertura?
A: Lassiter scored an impressive 12 goals in the 2019 Apertura season for Alajuelense.

Q: Which team did Lassiter join after his loan spell with the Houston Dynamo?
A: Lassiter made a move to Inter Miami after his loan spell with the Houston Dynamo concluded.


Ariel Lassiter’s football journey has been filled with determination and dedication. From his early experiences in Sweden to his successful stints in MLS and Costa Rica, Lassiter has proven himself as a talented forward. As he embarks on his new adventure with Inter Miami, football enthusiasts eagerly await his future contributions to the beautiful game.

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