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Ranking Liverpool’s Top 10 Kits of All Time

best liverpool kits

Liverpool Football Club, one of the most renowned clubs in the world, has a rich history of iconic kits. With the recent release of their new Nike home kit for the 2023/24 Premier League season, let’s take a look at the top 10 Liverpool kits of all time, as ranked by TBR Football.

10) Liverpool home kit, 1955/56

Liverpool’s 1955/56 home kit makes the list with its classic design. This sleek kit featured a thick white collar, an all-red body and sleeves, and a buttoned neck. It was the club’s first shirt to incorporate their badge, with the Liver bird showcased on a white oval shield.

9) Liverpool away kit, 2021/22

Nike hit the mark with their design for Liverpool’s 2021/22 away kit. The kit, worn during the memorable 5-0 victory over Manchester United at Old Trafford, featured a corral-colored shirt with bright crimson and dark atomic steel elements on the collar and cuffs. The ventilation holes added a unique touch.

8) Liverpool home kit, 2012/13

Warrior’s design for Liverpool’s 2012/13 home kit stood out with its clean red jersey and faint pinstripe effect. The kit was worn by legendary players like Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez during exciting times for the club.

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7) Liverpool away kit, 2009/10

Liverpool’s 2009/10 away kit, designed by Adidas, showcased a classy all-black offering. The kit featured thin gold stripes on the shoulders, gold detailing on the Adidas logo and sponsor, and a silhouette of the club’s classic crest on the back.

6) Liverpool home kit, 2017/18

New Balance drew inspiration from Liverpool’s 1970s home kits for their design in the 2017/18 season. The kit featured a darker shade of red, a faint pinstripe effect, a classic V-neck collar, and small white markings under the arms. It commemorated the club’s 125th anniversary with a golden crest.

5) Liverpool away kit, 1982-84

Umbro’s 1982 away kit, with its vibrant yellow color and faint red pinstripes, brought a fresh look to Liverpool’s change kit. The kit also featured a thick red V-neck and cuffs, deviating from the traditional white away kits of the past.

4) Liverpool away kit, 2008/09

Adidas designed a memorable away kit for Liverpool in the 2008/09 season. The kit’s grey chequerboard design, along with the Adidas striped shoulders, became iconic moments in Premier League history, especially when Steven Gerrard celebrated a goal by kissing the Liverpool badge.

3) Liverpool home kit, 1989-91

Liverpool’s dominant era in the 1970s and 80s saw them wear a unique home kit from Adidas in the 1989/90 and 90/91 seasons. The kit featured an array of white-tipped arrows across the shirt, a cross-over crew neck with grey, red, and white detailing, and displayed the club’s excellence during that period.

2) Liverpool home kit, 1992/93

Liverpool entered the newly formed Premier League in the 1992/93 season with a standout home kit. Adidas refined the design by moving their logo into a central position, while the three stripes continued on the shorts, creating a cohesive overall look.

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1) Liverpool home kit, 1985/86

Topping the list is Liverpool’s 1985/86 home kit, worn during a double-winning season under the guidance of Sir Kenny Dalglish. Adidas crafted a classy two-tone red striped shirt, incorporating a thin V-neck design, white and yellow cuffs, and intermittently featuring the club’s crest throughout the stripes.


Q: Who is the current kit supplier for Liverpool FC?
A: Nike has been Liverpool’s kit supplier since 2020, taking over from New Balance.

Q: Do Liverpool FC earn from the sales of their club merchandise?
A: Yes, Liverpool FC earns 20% of all sales of club merchandise.

Q: When did Liverpool FC adopt their iconic all-red home kit?
A: Liverpool FC adopted their iconic all-red home kit in 1896 after a brief spell in blue and white.


Liverpool Football Club has had a long history of iconic kits, each holding its own special place in the hearts of fans. From classic designs of the past to modern creations, Liverpool’s kits have become synonymous with the club’s rich heritage. As the new Nike home kit for the 2023/24 Premier League season is unveiled, fans can eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the story of Liverpool’s kits.

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