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Living the Dream at Manchester City: The Journey of Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne, the Belgian playmaker, is living out his childhood dream at Manchester City, according to his father. Since joining the club from Wolfsburg in 2015, De Bruyne has become a key player for the Sky Blues, contributing to their success with 56 assists and 42 goals.

A Love for Manchester City

Despite this season’s challenges, De Bruyne’s father, Herwig, revealed that his son is “content” at the club and loves everything about it – the city, the club, and the overall experience of being part of Manchester City. It is a dream come true for the talented midfielder.

Rising to the Top

The De Bruyne family recognized Kevin’s potential from a young age, but they couldn’t have predicted his remarkable success. Herwig expressed his amazement at seeing his son’s transformation into a top-level player, orchestrating the game from midfield and leading the team to victory.

Overcoming Challenges

De Bruyne’s journey hasn’t been without obstacles. After a difficult period at Chelsea, where he fell out with Jose Mourinho in 2014, the midfielder found a new lease of life in the Bundesliga with Wolfsburg. His outstanding performances attracted the attention of Manchester City, who secured his services with a £55 million move.

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Success with Manchester City

Under the guidance of Pep Guardiola, De Bruyne has thrived. He has played 186 games for the club, providing 65 assists and scoring 42 goals. Manchester City has won the Premier League twice during his tenure, as well as the FA Cup, three League Cups, and a Community Shield.

The Hunger for More

According to Herwig, De Bruyne’s thirst for success is insatiable. The 28-year-old midfielder is always hungry for more trophies and constantly strives to improve. His dedication and drive ensure that he will continue to push himself until the end of his career.


Q: How many trophies has De Bruyne won with Manchester City?
A: De Bruyne has helped Manchester City secure seven trophies, including two Premier League titles.

Q: What was De Bruyne’s journey before joining Manchester City?
A: After a challenging period at Chelsea, De Bruyne found success at Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga before moving to Manchester City.


Kevin De Bruyne’s love for Manchester City and his unwavering dedication to the game have made him one of the most influential midfielders in modern football. His journey from a talented youngster to a key player at Manchester City showcases his determination and resilience. As De Bruyne continues to strive for greatness, football enthusiasts can only anticipate even more remarkable achievements from this gifted playmaker.

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