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Columbus Crew’s Spending on Roster Ranks 12th in MLS

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The latest salary data from the MLS Players Association reveals that the Columbus Crew ranks 12th in spending on their roster among the 29 teams in the league. Despite this, the Crew continues to invest in their squad, signing and acquiring six players during the offseason.

Lucas Zelarayán Among MLS’s Top-Earning Players

Crew midfielder Lucas Zelarayán remains one of the highest-paid players in MLS. With a base salary of $3.2 million, he now ranks 10th in terms of salary among all players in the league. Zelarayán’s salary increased by $100,000 from the previous year, solidifying his standing as a key asset for the team.

Lucas Zelarayán and Cucho Hernandez

New Signings and Salaries

Among the new signings for the Crew, defender Jimmy Medranda stands out with a base salary of $300,000 and a guaranteed compensation of $331,250. Forward Christian Ramírez, who joined the team from Aberdeen in the Scottish Premiership, has a base salary of $400,000 with a guaranteed compensation of $445,833.

Homegrown defender Keegan Hughes, who recently joined the team from Stanford, is earning the senior minimum salary of $85,444. Meanwhile, defender Philip Quinton and forward Max Arfsten, both new additions to the squad, are earning the reserve minimum salary of $67,360 for the year.

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Acquisitions Within MLS

The Crew also made acquisitions from within the MLS, adding defender Gustavo Vallecilla on loan from the Colorado Rapids and trading for defender Malte Amundsen from New York City FC. Vallecilla has a base salary of $336,000, while Amundsen’s base salary is $300,000.

Salary Increases for Current Players

In addition to the new signings, several existing Crew players received salary increases. Midfielder Aidan Morris signed a contract extension that will come into effect soon, increasing his base salary from $170,000 to $200,000. Defender Steven Moreira had the most significant raise, with his base salary increasing by $150,000 to reach $700,000. Luis Diaz received a raise of $125,000, bringing his base salary to $500,000. Several other players also received a 5% bump to their salaries.

Crew’s 2023 Spending

Overall, the Crew’s total spending on base salaries for the roster is $14.95 million, ranking them 12th among all MLS teams. The top three teams in terms of spending are Toronto FC, the LA Galaxy, and D.C. United.

Please note that the salary figures released reflect the data as of April 30, and a second wave of data will be released in the fall.


Q: Where does the Columbus Crew rank in terms of spending on their roster?
A: The Crew ranks 12th out of the 29 teams in MLS.

Q: Who is the highest-paid player on the Columbus Crew?
A: Lucas Zelarayán is currently the highest-paid player on the team, with a base salary of $3.2 million.

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Q: Which teams spend the most on base salaries in MLS?
A: Toronto FC, the LA Galaxy, and D.C. United are the top three teams in terms of spending on base salaries.


Despite being 12th in terms of spending on their roster, the Columbus Crew continues to make strategic signings and invest in their squad. With key players like Lucas Zelarayán and several new additions, the Crew is poised to compete in the MLS. For more Columbus Crew news, visit Pesstatsdatabase and stay tuned for the upcoming fall release of salary data.