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Georgia Soccer Seniors Lead Team to Sweet 16: A Historic Achievement

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Georgia soccer made history by advancing to the Sweet 16 for the first time since 1998. Led by their talented group of senior players, the Bulldogs triumphed over No. 5 Iowa in a thrilling 3-2 victory.

Seniors Shine in a Nail-biting Match

In the second round of the NCAA Tournament, Georgia faced a tough challenge against Iowa. The match was evenly contested, but it was the senior players who stepped up when it mattered the most.

In the 60th minute, captain Nicole Vernis converted a cross from Virginia Odom to give Georgia a 1-0 lead early in the second half. Just six minutes later, Iowa’s Millie Greer scored her first goal of the season to level the game. However, the Bulldogs responded immediately with a go-ahead goal from Taylor Rish, assisted by Hannah White.

A Frantic Finish

The final stages of the match were filled with drama. Summer Denigan extended Georgia’s lead to 3-1 with a well-placed shot, assisted by Croix Bethune. But Iowa refused to give up, and Kelli McGroarty scored with a header to cut Georgia’s lead to 3-2. Despite the late scare, the Bulldogs held on to secure the victory and a spot in the Sweet 16.

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Goalkeeper Battle and Defensive Efforts

The match showcased the skills of both goalkeepers. Georgia’s Jordan Brown made five important saves, while Iowa’s Macy Enneking made three. Their performances made it difficult for the opposing teams’ offenses to find the back of the net.

On the defensive end, both teams displayed solid performances. Georgia’s defense, however, had some fouling issues, resulting in a yellow card for Summer Denigan. Head coach Keidane McAlpine made a crucial decision to substitute Denigan to avoid a potential red card.

Looking Ahead

The Bulldogs’ historic achievement sets up an exciting clash with the No. 1 ranked Clemson Tigers on Sunday, November 19th at 2 p.m. Georgia will look to continue their impressive run and make further progress in the tournament.


1. What is the significance of Georgia advancing to the Sweet 16?

Advancing to the Sweet 16 is a historic achievement for Georgia soccer. It marks the first time since 1998 that the Bulldogs have reached this stage of the NCAA Tournament, highlighting the team’s progress and success under their senior leaders.

2. Who were the standout players for Georgia in the match against Iowa?

Several players made significant contributions to Georgia’s victory. Captain Nicole Vernis scored a goal and led the team with four shots. Taylor Rish and Summer Denigan also showcased their skills with crucial goals. Goalkeeper Jordan Brown, with five saves, played a vital role in preserving the win.

3. What challenges does Georgia face in the upcoming match against Clemson?

The match against the No. 1 ranked Clemson Tigers presents a tough challenge for Georgia. Clemson has been dominant throughout the season and will be formidable opponents. However, Georgia’s strong performance against Iowa and the experience gained from advancing to the Sweet 16 will give them confidence heading into the match.

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Georgia soccer’s senior players have propelled the team to new heights by advancing to the Sweet 16 for the first time in over two decades. Their skill, determination, and teamwork showcased in the victory against Iowa have garnered well-deserved praise. As they prepare to face the formidable Clemson Tigers, the Bulldogs will continue to draw upon their experience and aim to make further strides in the NCAA Tournament.