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Premier League’s Most Passionate Fans Revealed and Ranked

best premier league fans

The Premier League boasts the most passionate fanbases in football, with supporters from around the world rallying behind their favorite teams. The electrifying atmosphere created by these fans can truly be the 12th man for their clubs. In this article, we will dive into the rankings of the most passionate fanbases in the Premier League, according to website 1sports1.

Leeds United: The Fiery Spirit of West Yorkshire

Leeds United’s fanbase is legendary, with their fervent support making Elland Road an intimidating fortress for visiting teams. Despite tough times, their fans continue to fill the 37,000-seat stadium, proudly chanting “We are Leeds!” The fiery spirit ingrained in every Leeds fan creates an atmosphere that can change the course of a game. An Elland Road in full voice not only inspires the Whites but also strikes fear in the hearts of their opponents.

Newcastle United: Spirited and Cheerful Supporters

Newcastle United’s support is widely regarded as some of the most spirited and enthusiastic in England. Their passionate fanbase creates a cauldron-like atmosphere, especially when playing against more successful clubs. St. James’ Park is consistently full and lively, displaying the unwavering dedication of local supporters. Despite the club’s lack of recent major trophies, the Geordies continue to sing their hearts out, showcasing their intense love for the team.

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Liverpool: A Legacy of Tradition and Support

Liverpool is a club built on tradition, success, and resilience in the face of tragedy. Their remarkable support has stood the test of time, whether it be the jubilation of winning major trophies or the fight for justice after the Hillsborough disaster. The famous anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone” resonates throughout Anfield, capturing the unwavering passion of the fans. Games against rivals Manchester United and Everton create an atmosphere that is suffocating and awe-inspiring. Liverpool’s fanbase is undoubtedly one of the most passionate in the Premier League.

West Ham: Unfaltering Enthusiasm

West Ham may not have won a top-flight title, but that hasn’t stopped their fans from loving and supporting the club wholeheartedly. The Hammers’ supporters have always shown tremendous loyalty, filling the stands with unwavering enthusiasm. Despite not always playing the most stylish football, West Ham fans make up for it with their passionate presence, cheering their team through thick and thin.

Arsenal: Boisterous Gooners

Arsenal, London’s largest club, has a trophy-laden history and a massive fanbase to match. The boisterous nature of the Gooners is evident as fans passionately voice their opinions on every aspect of the club. The unwavering support and genuine care displayed by Arsenal fans for the club’s well-being is truly remarkable. Their passion and dedication make them one of the best fanbases in the Premier League.

Southampton: From League One to Premier League

Southampton’s fans have been through thick and thin with their club. They stuck by the team during their time in League One and near liquidation to now witnessing regular Premier League football at St. Mary’s. The credit goes to the passionate and dedicated fans, who continue to support Southampton wholeheartedly. With an average attendance of 32,505, the Saints’ fanbase is known for their unwavering backing.

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Crystal Palace: Intimidating Selhurst Park

Crystal Palace may not have the same international recognition as some other London clubs, but they have a large, passionate fanbase in their home district of Selhurst and the surrounding counties. Selhurst Park is known for its intimidating atmosphere, making it one of the most unwelcoming grounds for opponents. Crystal Palace fans pour in week after week, supporting their team in the fight to stay in the top tier.

Wolves: The Wolfpack at Molineux

Since their promotion to the Premier League in 2018, Wolves have consistently performed well, with their fans right behind them. Molineux Stadium becomes a tough place for visiting teams, with an atmosphere that is nothing short of electrifying. Wolves’ passionate fanbase loves to get behind their team and manager, making them one of the most dedicated in the Premier League.

Aston Villa: Loyalty and Mannerism

Aston Villa’s fanbase is known for its loyalty and impeccable mannerism. They have stood by the club through thick and thin, making them the most successful club in the Midlands. Aston Villa’s return to the Premier League in 2019 was met with unwavering support from their passionate fanbase. No matter what the future holds, the Villains can always count on their dedicated supporters.

Tottenham Hotspur: Support On and Off the Pitch

As Harry Kane leads his team to success on the pitch, Tottenham’s fans continue to support them wholeheartedly off it. As one of London’s oldest Premier League clubs, Tottenham has a rich history and a dedicated fanbase. Their new home, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, has only added to the passionate atmosphere. Tottenham fans have shown unwavering support, whether at White Hart Lane or the new stadium.

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Passionate fans are the lifeblood of football clubs, and the Premier League is no exception. From Leeds United’s fierce support to Newcastle United’s spirited chants and Liverpool’s rich tradition, these fanbases embody the essence of football fandom. Each club’s fans bring their unique flavor to the game, contributing to the thrilling atmosphere of the Premier League.


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A: You can find comprehensive Premier League statistics and player ratings on Pesstatsdatabase. Visit their website for up-to-date information on your favorite teams and players.

Q: Are there any other fanbases worth mentioning?
A: While the focus of this article was on the top-ranked fanbases, there are several other passionate fanbases in the Premier League as well. Each club has its loyal supporters who bring their unique passion to the game.