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Asian Football: Unearthing FIFA 22 Wonderkids

Football’s global appeal has reached new heights, and Asia is no exception. The continent has produced a wealth of talented players in recent years, with several Asian wonderkids ready to make their mark on the world stage. In this article, we will explore some of the best young Asian players in FIFA 22 Career Mode, highlighting their potential and attributes that make them stand out. If you’re a football enthusiast looking to build a formidable team, you won’t want to miss this.

1. Takefuso Kubo (75 OVR – 88 POT)

FIFA 22 Wonderkids best young asian player Takefuso Kubo

At just 20 years old, Takefuso Kubo is Asia’s hottest prospect in FIFA 22. On loan from Real Madrid to RCD Mallorca, Kubo boasts impressive attributes, including 89 Sprint Speed, 86 Agility, and 85 Dribbling. His four-star skill moves and weak foot ability make him a nightmare for defenders. With a potential rating of 88, Kubo has the potential to become one of Asia’s finest exports.

2. Manor Solomon (76 OVR – 86 POT)

FIFA 22 Wonderkids best young asian player Manor Solomon

Manor Solomon, playing for Shakhtar Donetsk, is a serious talent with a 76 overall rating and an impressive 86 potential rating. Known for his agility (84) and acceleration (82), Solomon is also polished on the ball with 81 dribbling and 78 composure. As he continues to shine in the Champions League, he may soon be scoring against your favorite club.

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3. Takuhiro Nakai (61 OVR – 83 POT)

FIFA 22 Wonderkids best young asian player Takuhiro Nakai

Takuhiro Nakai, currently playing for Real Madrid, is a young playmaker with immense potential. At 17 years old, Nakai may only have a rating of 61, but his potential of 83 suggests a bright future. With attributes like 70 Vision, 67 Ball Control, and 66 Short Passing, Nakai has the potential to be a game-changing playmaker once developed.

4. Song Min Kyu (71 OVR – 82 POT)

FIFA 22 Wonderkids best young asian player Song Min Kyu

Song Min Kyu, representing Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors, is rapidly becoming a household name in South Korean football. With a rating of 71 and a potential of 82, Song’s attributes, including 84 Acceleration, 83 Sprint Speed, and 78 Balance, make him a formidable winger. With his goal-scoring ability (73 finishing), he’s set to make waves in European football.

5. Kangin Lee (74 OVR – 82 POT)

FIFA 22 Wonderkids best young asian player Kangin Lee

Kangin Lee, currently playing for RCD Mallorca, is a versatile attacking player with a rating of 74 and a potential of 82. With attributes like 87 Balance, 81 Agility, and 81 FK Accuracy, Lee is a well-rounded midfielder who can contribute in various offensive situations. At only 20 years old, he has plenty of room to grow and make a lasting impact.

6. Jung Sang Bin (62 OVR – 80 POT)

Jung Sang Bin, playing for Suwon Samsung Bluewings, may have a modest current rating of 62, but his potential of 80 suggests tremendous growth. With blistering speed (85 Sprint Speed, 84 Acceleration) and a high attacking work rate, Jung is a striker who can pose a constant threat to opposing defenses. Keep an eye on this young South Korean as he continues to develop.

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7. Ryotaro Araki (67 OVR – 80 POT)

FIFA 22 Wonderkids best young asian player Ryotaro Araki

Ryotaro Araki, representing Kashima Antlers, is an attacking prospect with a rating of 67 and a potential of 80. As a modern inverted winger, Araki is known for his speed (83 Sprint Speed) and goalscoring ability (70 finishing). At just 19 years old, he is already making waves in the Japanese top tier and is expected to secure a spot in the national team soon.


Q: Can these young Asian players be signed in FIFA 22 Career Mode?

A: Absolutely! These players can be signed in FIFA 22 Career Mode provided you meet their club’s transfer requirements.

Q: Are there any other notable Asian wonderkids in FIFA 22?

A: While these are some of the standout Asian wonderkids in FIFA 22, there are many other talented young players from the continent to discover.

Q: Which positions do these wonderkids play?

A: The wonderkids mentioned in this article play in various positions, including attacking midfield, winger, and striker.


Asia is witnessing a rise in footballing talent, and these young players exemplify the potential that the continent holds. As you embark on your FIFA 22 Career Mode journey, consider signing these Asian wonderkids to build a formidable team. Their skills, potential, and growth trajectory make them valuable assets for any club. Stay tuned for more exciting content from Pesstatsdatabase as we continue to explore the fascinating world of football.