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Why MLS Teams Can’t Compete in UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is renowned as one of the most prestigious club competitions worldwide, showcasing the best teams from Europe. However, have you ever wondered why MLS teams cannot participate in this elite tournament? Let’s dive into the main differences between the football structures of Europe and the United States.

European Football Structure

European football operates under a different structure compared to the MLS. UEFA governs continental competitions, while individual nations have the freedom to organize their domestic leagues and cups according to their preferences. This results in varying league formats and qualification processes for European competitions.

Each European country has its own domestic league system, often referred to as the “pyramid.” This system consists of multiple divisions, with a top-tier first division at the national level. The number of divisions and the format of each league depend on factors such as population size and the number of clubs.

In most European leagues, teams play a round-robin format, facing each other twice, once at home and once away. The team with the most points at the end of the season is crowned the champion. In cases of point ties, different tie-breaking criteria like goal difference and head-to-head record determine rankings.

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Promotion and Relegation

A significant distinction between European leagues and the MLS is the system of promotion and relegation. In Europe, teams have the opportunity to move between different levels of the league pyramid at the conclusion of each season. This means that a set number of clubs from the bottom of a division get relegated to the lower division, while the top-performing teams from lower divisions earn promotion.

However, promotion and relegation are absent in the MLS. The league operates as a closed system, without any automatic movement between divisions. This structure ensures stability for MLS teams but also prevents them from participating in esteemed European competitions such as the UEFA Champions League.

European Qualification Process

Participation in the UEFA Champions League primarily depends on domestic league positions. The top teams from each European league, typically the winners and those finishing in second, third, or fourth place, qualify for the competition. Some leagues also grant teams entry into the tournament through domestic cup competitions.

The number of qualification spots allocated to each league is determined by a country’s UEFA coefficient, which ranks leagues based on their clubs’ performance in European competitions over a specified period. Higher-ranked leagues receive more qualification berths.

Since MLS teams are excluded from the European league system, they do not compete for qualification spots in the UEFA Champions League.

CONCACAF Champions League

Although MLS teams cannot participate in the UEFA Champions League, they do have an alternative competition – the CONCACAF Champions League. This regional tournament features teams from North and Central America, as well as the Caribbean. The winner of the CONCACAF Champions League secures a spot in the FIFA Club World Cup, offering the opportunity to face teams from around the globe.

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can mls teams qualify for champions league


Q: Can MLS teams participate in the UEFA Champions League?
A: No, MLS teams cannot compete in the UEFA Champions League due to the differences in football structures between Europe and the United States.

Q: What is the CONCACAF Champions League?
A: The CONCACAF Champions League is a regional tournament involving teams from North and Central America, as well as the Caribbean. MLS teams participate in this competition.


MLS teams, despite their passion and talent, are unable to participate in the prestigious UEFA Champions League. The European football structure, with its promotion and relegation system and qualification criteria, differs significantly from that of the MLS. However, MLS teams do have the chance to showcase their skills in the CONCACAF Champions League and potentially compete in the FIFA Club World Cup. Although they may not be part of the European football scene, MLS teams continue to make their mark on the international stage.