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The Benefits of Winning the UEFA Europa Conference League

West Ham and Fiorentina are set to compete in the UEFA Europa Conference League final on June 7, 2023, vying to become only the second team to lift the trophy. This article delves into the advantages that come with winning this prestigious European tournament.

Qualification for the UEFA Europa League

Both West Ham and Fiorentina have missed out on qualifying for any European competitions in the 2023/24 season through their domestic leagues. However, the winner of the Conference League final will automatically secure a place in the UEFA Europa League group stage for the following season. This guarantees the winning team an opportunity to showcase their skills on a bigger stage, competing against some of Europe’s top clubs.

To give the Conference League winner a favorable start to their Europa League campaign, they will be placed in Pot 1 of the group stage draw. This could potentially result in them facing lower-ranked opponents, providing them with a better chance of progressing further in the competition.

This also means that there will either be three teams from England or Italy competing in the Europa League next season. Alongside West Ham or Fiorentina, Atalanta, Roma, Liverpool, and Brighton have already secured their places in the competition.

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Additional Financial Incentives

Participating in the Europa League offers significant financial benefits for the winning club. It not only serves as a financial boost but also attracts potential new signings. The allure of European football can help attract high-quality players, as they see the opportunity to compete against top-level opposition and showcase their talents on an international stage.

Prize Money Breakdown

Although the prize money in the Europa Conference League is lower compared to the other two UEFA competitions, it still provides a valuable resource for clubs that progress deeper into the tournament.

If West Ham emerges victorious in the final, they will earn a total of £13.1m ($16.3m) from their 2022/23 Conference League campaign. Fiorentina, having finished second in their group and gone through the playoff round before reaching the round of 16, stands to earn £12.4m ($15.4m) if they defeat West Ham.

In addition to this, the Conference League champions will receive an extra £3.17m ($3.98m) for automatically qualifying for the Europa League group stage.

Here is a breakdown of the prize money distribution in the Conference League:

  • Group stage: £2.53m ($3.14m)
  • Group stage win: £430,710 ($534,128)
  • Group stage draw: £143,010 ($177,330)
  • 1st in group stage: £559,845 ($694,678)
  • 2nd in group stage: £279,907 ($347,339)
  • Knockout round (playoffs): £258,383 ($320,621)
  • Round of 16: £561,731 ($641,203)
  • Quarterfinals: £861,225 ($1.1m)
  • Semifinals: £1.72m ($2.14m)
  • Runner-up: £2.6m ($3.2m)
  • Champions: £4.31m ($5.3m)


Q: Does the winner of the Conference League qualify for the Europa League?
A: Yes, the winner of the UEFA Europa Conference League final automatically qualifies for the Europa League group stage in the following season.

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Q: How much prize money does the Conference League winner receive?
A: The prize money for the Conference League winner depends on their performance throughout the tournament. The champions can earn up to £13.1m ($16.3m) in total prize money.


Winning the UEFA Europa Conference League not only provides a prestigious title and bragging rights but also opens up new opportunities for the victorious team. Qualification for the Europa League and the financial rewards that come with it can help clubs attract top talent and improve their competitive capabilities. As West Ham and Fiorentina prepare to battle it out in the final, the stakes are high, and the rewards are great.

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