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Columbus Crew: Lucas Zelarayan’s Salary Revealed Through MLSPA Data


Lucas Zelarayan, the talented midfielder for the Columbus Crew, has become one of the highest-paid players in Major League Soccer (MLS). According to the latest data released by the MLS Players Association (MLSPA), Zelarayan is currently the ninth-highest earner in the league.

The Rise of Lucas Zelarayan’s Salary

Before signing a contract extension in December 2021, Crew general manager Tim Bezbatchenko acknowledged that Zelarayan’s performance had surpassed his salary at the time. The new deal aimed to acknowledge his contribution to the team. As a result, Zelarayan’s base salary and guaranteed compensation nearly doubled.

Zelarayan’s base salary went from $1.62 million, ranking him 30th in the league, to an impressive $3.1 million, making him the ninth-highest paid player. His guaranteed compensation, which includes various bonuses and fees, also increased from $1.985 million to $3.7 million.

Lucas Zelarayan’s Contract with the Columbus Crew

With Zelarayan’s new contract extending until 2025, the Crew will be paying him an additional $2.4 million over four years. It’s worth noting that the average annual guaranteed compensation figure provided by MLSPA does not include performance bonuses.

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In terms of base salary, Zelarayan is just behind New England midfielder Carles Gil, the 2021 MLS MVP. However, Zelarayan surpasses Gil in terms of guaranteed compensation. Zelarayan also earns more than Carlos Vela, the 2019 MLS MVP, and Raul Ruidiaz, Seattle Sounders forward, in base salary.

Columbus Crew’s Other Top Salaries

Apart from Zelarayan, the Crew has other notable earners within its ranks. Darlington Nagbe leads the pack with a base salary of $1.76 million. Jonathan Mensah follows with $1 million, and goalkeeper Eloy Room has seen his base salary nearly double to $800,000 after signing a new contract.

Kevin Molino, although currently sidelined due to injury, is earning $700,348 this season. Pedro Santos, who re-signed with the Crew, took a pay cut. Santos’ base salary decreased from $817,560 to $625,000, with guaranteed compensation dropping to $687,500.

Newcomers Miloš Degenek and Yaw Yeboah earn $715,000 and $600,000 in base salary, respectively. Additionally, James Igbekeme, on loan from Real Zaragoza, receives a base salary of $315,000.

Columbus Crew’s Financial Commitment

The Crew traded Gyasi Zardes, their third-highest earner, to the Colorado Rapids, assuming his $1.5 million base salary. Based on guaranteed compensation figures, the Crew ranks 10th among all 29 MLS clubs, having spent a total of $14,978,609 on player salaries.

Please note that these salary figures are accurate as of April 15, reflecting the most recent data available.


Q: Who is the highest-paid player in the Columbus Crew’s history?
A: Lucas Zelarayan is currently the highest-paid player in the history of the Columbus Crew.

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Q: How does Zelarayan’s salary compare to other MLS players?
A: Zelarayan ranks ninth in the league in terms of base salary and guaranteed compensation.

Q: Which MLS teams have higher player salary expenditures than the Columbus Crew?
A: The Columbus Crew ranks tenth among all MLS teams in terms of total money spent on player salaries.


Lucas Zelarayan’s salary increase reflects his outstanding performances for the Columbus Crew. As a passionate football enthusiast, you can stay updated with all the latest news and developments by visiting Pesstatsdatabase, where you can find comprehensive statistics and information about your favorite players and teams.

Continue supporting the Columbus Crew and enjoy the thrill of MLS action!