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Sporting KC Salaries: Unraveling the Financial Backbone of the Team

In the world of professional sports, amid the excitement and passion on the field, lies a crucial element that often goes unnoticed: salaries. As we delve into the intricate web of Sporting Kansas City’s player roster, we embark on a journey to unlock the significance and impact of “Sporting KC salaries.” These financial pillars not only shape team dynamics but also serve as a reflection of the team’s investment in excellence.

Graham Zusi Salary

Analytics Sporting KC Salaries

Let’s take a closer look at the numbers:

Player Base Salary Guaranteed Salary Position Age Country
Alan Pulido $2,200,000 $2,200,000 F 32 MX
Erik Thommy $1,550,000 $1,656,250 M 28 DE
Nemanja Radoja $1,440,000 $1,530,000 D 30 RS
Daniel Salloi $1,100,000 $1,100,000 F 27 HU
Johnny Russell $1,000,000 $1,000,000 M 33 UK
Gadi Kinda $850,000 $918,000 M 29 ET
Remi Walter $850,000 $850,000 M 28 FR
Tim Melia $625,000 $637,500 GK 37 US
Marinos Tzionis $625,000 $625,000 F 22 CY
Khiry Shelton $575,000 $625,000 F 30 US
Tim Leibold $500,000 $501,050 D 29 DE
Dany Rosero $456,000 $456,000 D 29 CO
Robert Voloder $425,000 $452,860 D 22 DE
Andreu Fontas $450,000 $450,000 D 33 ES
Logan Ndenbe $350,000 $396,125 D 23 BE
Graham Zusi $325,000 $325,000 M 36 US
William Agada $225,000 $271,875 F 23 NG
Robert Castellanos $85,444 $85,444 D 25 US
Roger Espinoza $85,444 $85,444 M 36 HN
Kortne Ford $165,000 $170,000 D 27 US
Kendall McIntosh $130,000 $130,000 GK 29 US
Felipe Hernandez $175,000 $207,000 M 25 CO
John Pulskamp $150,000 $173,500 GK 22 US
Cameron Duke $137,500 $140,500 M 22 US
Kayden Pierre $85,444 $91,819 D 20 US
Jake Davis $85,444 $85,444 D 21 US
Stephen Afrifa $67,360 $67,360 F 0 CA
Chris Rindov $67,360 $67,360 D 0 US
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Diverse Profiles, Diverse Salaries

Alan Pulido

The Sporting KC roster is a collection of diverse profiles, each with a salary that reflects their significance both on and off the field. For example, 32-year-old veteran forward Alan Pulido commands a base salary of $2,200,000, highlighting his integral role in the squad. Erik Thommy, a 28-year-old midfielder, is compensated with a base salary of $1,550,000, showcasing his dynamic capabilities.

Top Earners and Their Impact

Nemanja Radoja

Certain players stand out as top earners, drawing attention with their salaries. Nemanja Radoja, a 30-year-old defender, commands a base salary of $1,440,000, which rises to $1,530,000 when guaranteed. The same can be said for Daniel Salloi, a 27-year-old forward, who receives a base and guaranteed salary of $1,100,000. These figures highlight the pivotal role these players play in Sporting KC’s performance.

Positional Insight: A Tactical Approach

Johnny Russell

Taking a tactical lens, we can see the strategic allocation of salaries across positions. Johnny Russell, a 33-year-old midfielder, earns a base and guaranteed salary of $1,000,000, solidifying his importance in midfield control. Marinos Tzionis, a 22-year-old forward, receives a base and guaranteed salary of $625,000, indicating the club’s investment in youthful potential.

Strategic Vision: Veterans and Emerging Stars

Graham Zusi

The roster features seasoned veterans like Graham Zusi and Roger Espinoza, both aged 36. Zusi earns a salary of $325,000, while Espinoza receives $85,444. Their contributions extend beyond the pitch as mentors and leaders. On the other hand, Logan Ndenbe, a 23-year-old defender, showcases a base and guaranteed salary of $350,000 and $396,125, respectively, indicating Sporting KC’s confidence in his potential.

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  • What factors determine a player’s salary?
    Salaries are determined based on a player’s skill level, experience, position, and contribution to the team.

  • Do salaries affect team dynamics?
    Yes, salaries play a crucial role in shaping team dynamics, motivating players, and reflecting the team’s investment in excellence.

  • How do salaries impact player performance?
    Salaries can serve as a source of motivation for players and can also affect their confidence and commitment to the team.


In the grand tapestry of sports, salaries weave a story of commitment, strategy, and recognition. The intricate details of “Sporting KC salaries” showcase a mosaic where experience and potential converge, where the contributions of veterans align with the promise of emerging talents. As Sporting Kansas City continues its journey through the season, these salaries stand as a constant reminder of the dedication that drives the team towards its goals.

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