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Improve Your Soccer Skills with Juggling

Video how to get better at juggling soccer

Juggling has long been a favored technique for soccer players looking to enhance their touch, ball control, balance, coordination, and aerial skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, mastering juggling can take your game to the next level. In this article, we’ll explore the basic steps of juggling and provide secret tips to help you level up your skills. Let’s dive in!


How to Juggle

Step 1 – Ankle Locked

Before making contact with the ball, ensure that your ankle is locked in a neutral position. This means your toe should be pointed forward. By maintaining this position, you’ll have better control over the ball.

Step 2 – Let the Ball Come Down!

Many players make the mistake of trying to hit the ball too early while it’s still high in the air. Allow the ball to drop below knee height before making contact. This will give you better timing and control.

Step 3 – Hit the Bottom Center of the Ball Using the Laces

To achieve a straight upward trajectory, make contact with the ball using the area between the midfoot and the toes. Avoid hitting the ball with your toes or ankle. Striking the bottom center of the ball will ensure a clean and consistent juggling.

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Step 4 – Make a Kicking Motion From the Knee Down

Extend your leg from the knee down when kicking the ball, rather than from the hip. Waiting for the ball to drop before extending your leg will result in greater stability and control.

Step 5 – Adjust!

Juggling offers a great opportunity for practicing quick adjustments. Be prepared to move and anticipate where the ball will go after each touch. React quickly by positioning your feet and body to maintain control.

Secret Tips to Level Up Your Juggling

Tip 1 – Start with One Touch at a Time

If you’re new to juggling or finding it challenging, start with one juggle at a time. After making a single juggle, catch the ball around waist height. This technique allows you to focus on refining your technique and getting more repetitions in.

Tip 2 – Use Bounces for Beginner Feet Juggling

Once you’ve mastered one-touch juggling, you can level up by incorporating bounces between touches. This provides you with more time to adjust and position yourself for the next touch. Challenge yourself by limiting your space or trying to juggle while moving to enhance your skills.

Tip 3 – Record and Compare!

If you’re struggling with juggling or attempting a difficult move, record yourself and compare it to videos of experienced players. Analyzing the differences will help you identify areas for improvement and refine your technique.

Tip 4 – Practice Tricks and Advanced Juggling Skills

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To challenge yourself further, try incorporating tricks and advanced juggling skills into your practice. For example, aim to complete the Maradona 7 (2 feet touches, 2 thigh touches, 2 shoulder touches, and a header) without dropping the ball. Learning freestyle moves like the around the world adds more excitement and variety to your juggling routine.

Tip 5 – Try Juggling With Different Objects

For an added challenge, experiment with juggling different objects. Using smaller objects like balloons or tennis balls will require more precision in your contact point and quicker reaction times. For an even greater challenge, try juggling with irregularly shaped objects such as American footballs.


Q: How can juggling improve my overall soccer skills?
A: Juggling helps improve your touch, ball control, balance, coordination, and aerial skills, which are all essential aspects of the game.

Q: What are some goals to set for juggling practice?
A: Some goals you can set for juggling practice include achieving the most consecutive juggles, most juggles with each foot, most consecutive headers, and mastering advanced juggling skills like the around the world.


Juggling is a valuable skill that can enhance your overall soccer abilities. By following the basic steps and incorporating the secret tips provided, you’ll be well on your way to mastering this technique. Remember to set realistic goals, practice consistently, and enjoy the process. While juggling is important, never forget that dribbling, passing, receiving, and finishing are equally crucial skills on the field. Keep practicing and have fun improving your soccer skills!

If you’re interested in freestyle, check out the official league match balls like the Nike USA Flight ball. Freestylers often prefer using indoor soccer shoes for better control and maneuverability.

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Improve Your Soccer Skills with Juggling