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Nashville SC Salaries: A Look at MLS Club Spending

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Lofty roster spending is often seen as a pathway to competitiveness in Major League Soccer (MLS). However, the case of Nashville SC proves that it’s not always necessary. Despite being second in the MLS Eastern Conference standings with five games remaining, Nashville SC has managed to climb to 12th in league spending, according to the latest player salary guide released by the MLS Players Association.

The increase in spending is primarily attributed to the club’s record signing, Aké Loba. The 23-year-old Ivorian forward, signed in July for $6.8 million, has a guaranteed salary of $1.32 million. However, Loba is only the second-highest earner in Nashville, with fellow designated player Hany Mukhtar topping the list at $1.51 million. It’s worth noting that neither player ranks among the top 30 highest-paid players in the league.

Nashville’s Salary Breakdown

Here’s the 2021 salary breakdown for Nashville:

  • Hany Mukhtar: $1.51 million
  • Aké Loba: $1.32 million
  • Jhonder Cádiz: $1.02 million

Notably, Nashville SC lists only three players earning $1 million or more, excluding winger David Accam, who is currently on loan. Despite moderate spending, Nashville’s balanced approach has proven effective. Among the top five spenders in MLS this season, only the LA Galaxy and Atlanta United FC are set to make the playoffs.

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According to The Athletic, Nashville SC ranks eighth in MLS in terms of efficiency in roster spending. Their $12.77 million player payroll translates to 48 points earned in the standings as of October 19. This means the value of each Nashville point is approximately $266,000 over the course of the season.

Nashville SC midfielder Hany Mukhtar (10) moves the ball past Philadelphia Union midfielder Leon Flach (31) during the first half at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tenn., Saturday, July 3, 2021.

Nashville’s Starting Lineup Salary

Nashville’s starting lineup features some notable bargains, including right back Alistair Johnston, who was selected 11th overall in the 2020 MLS SuperDraft. Since his debut in March, Johnston has become a preferred starter for both Nashville SC and the Canadian National Team. Despite costing just over $73,000, Johnston has made 19 starts in 21 matches, with one goal scored.

The rest of Nashville’s starting lineup includes Joe Willis, Dan Lovitz, Dave Romney, Walker Zimmerman, Jack Maher, Dax McCarty, Anibal Godoy, Randall Leal, CJ Sapong, and Hany Mukhtar. Combined, their salaries amount to just under $6.1 million.

While Atlanta’s lineup hovers around $13.9 million and the expected regular-season champions, the New England Revolution, field a lineup costing approximately $7.1 million.


Q: How does Nashville SC’s spending compare to other MLS clubs?
A: Nashville SC ranks 12th in league spending according to the latest player salary guide.

Q: Who are the highest-paid players in MLS?
A: The highest-paid players in the league include Carlos Vela, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, and Gonzalo Higuain.

Q: Is Nashville SC’s roster spending efficient?
A: Yes, Nashville SC ranks eighth in MLS in terms of efficiency in roster spending, with each point earned costing approximately $266,000.

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Nashville SC has proven that success in MLS can be achieved without exorbitant spending on player salaries. Despite being the 12th-highest spender in the league, Nashville SC has performed admirably, currently sitting in a strong position in the Eastern Conference standings. With a balanced approach to roster spending and key bargains in their starting lineup, Nashville SC serves as a testament to the value of smart and efficient team-building in professional soccer.

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