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Columbus Crew: 2023 Salary Report

lucas zelarayan salary

The Columbus Crew, one of the most iconic teams in Major League Soccer (MLS), has undergone significant changes in their roster this season. In this article, we will explore the latest salary updates for the team, including both departures and acquisitions.


The Crew bid farewell to four players during the 2023 season. Goalkeeper Eloy Room, center back Milos Degenek, star player Lucas Zelarayan, and winger Luis Diaz all moved on to new clubs. These departures freed up a significant amount of salary space for the team, allowing them to embark on a rebuild.

New Acquisitions

To strengthen their squad, the Crew made several key acquisitions. Center back Yevgen Cheberko was brought in during the summer transfer window, followed by right wing back Julian Gressel and center back Rudy Camacho. Additionally, forward Diego Rossi joined the team as the new highest-paid player, filling the designated player slot left vacant by Zelarayan’s departure. These new signings bring both talent and experience to the team, adding depth to their roster.

Notable Salary Changes

In addition to the new acquisitions, there have been some notable changes in player salaries within the Columbus Crew. Aidan Morris, a promising young midfielder, signed a new contract that saw his compensation rise significantly. This, along with other salary adjustments, further strengthens the team’s financial position and demonstrates their commitment to building a competitive squad.

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MLS Salary Landscape

The MLS salary landscape is constantly evolving, with teams investing in top talent to achieve success on the field. Currently, Inter Miami leads the league in roster spend, followed by Toronto FC, LA Galaxy, LAFC, and the Chicago Fire. It is interesting to note that despite high spending, only one of these teams, LAFC, is currently in contention for the 2023 MLS Cup playoffs.


Are these salaries 100 percent accurate?

The salaries reported here may not be 100 percent accurate as they represent base salaries and guaranteed compensation, which may not reflect the actual cap hit or Designated Player/Targeted Allocation Money qualifications of the players.

How do departures affect the team’s salary cap?

By offloading high salaries, the team gains flexibility to rebuild and allocate funds to strengthen their squad.

Who is the highest-paid player in the Columbus Crew?

Forward Diego Rossi currently holds the title of the highest-paid player in the team, both in terms of base compensation and total compensation.


The Columbus Crew’s salary updates for the 2023 season reflect their commitment to building a competitive team. Through strategic departures and targeted acquisitions, the team has restructured its roster and is poised to make a strong push for success. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from the Columbus Crew in the upcoming season!

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