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Proposed Minimum Salary for Minor-League Players: A Game-Changing Study

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A groundbreaking three-year study has shed light on the challenging working conditions of minor-league baseball players. The study, conducted by the non-profit organization More Than Baseball, in collaboration with sports management experts Chris McLeod and Nola Agha, aims to address major issues such as inadequate salaries, in-season housing, offseason training, and contract length. The report, which collected data from over 800 minor-league players between 2019-2022, highlights the urgent need to establish a $35,000 minimum salary for players, bringing them above the federal poverty line and in line with living wage standards.

Struggling on the Field and Off

Minor-league players have long faced significant challenges when it comes to their working conditions. Salary is a primary concern, with 83% of surveyed players identifying it as the most pressing issue. Many players feel that their current wages do not meet their developmental needs, hindering their growth as baseball players. Furthermore, players are only paid during the roughly five-month season and do not receive wages for offseason camps, spring training, or extended spring training.

Proposed Solution: Minimum Salary and Beyond

The study proposes a minimum salary of $35,000, which would not only lift players above the poverty line but also align with living wage standards based on the number of hours they work. The report suggests that this solution would cater to the needs of players who want to focus solely on their offseason training and avoid taking on other jobs. Additionally, the report recommends that teams reimburse players for all offseason training expenses or provide access to gyms and training facilities.

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Housing Concerns

Housing is another significant issue raised by minor-league players. While Major League Baseball announced plans to provide in-season housing for minor-league players starting in 2022, there are concerns about the consistency and quality of these arrangements. The report suggests that players should have their own rooms, especially those with families, and proposes the option of player stipends to enable players to stay with their loved ones.

Advocating for Change

More Than Baseball aims to empower minor-league players by allowing them to set their own agenda and define the goals of the movement to improve their working conditions. The organization believes in providing players with the necessary support both on and off the field. To drive change, they have set up a petition to raise the minimum salary to $35,000 a year.


Q: What is the purpose of More Than Baseball?
A: More Than Baseball is a non-profit organization focused on advocating for improved working conditions for minor-league baseball players.

Q: What are the main issues addressed in the study?
A: The study highlights the need for a minimum salary of $35,000, improved in-season housing, offseason training support, and more favorable contract terms for minor-league players.


The three-year study conducted by More Than Baseball, in collaboration with sports management experts, has provided crucial insights into the challenges faced by minor-league baseball players. With the proposed minimum salary of $35,000, players would not only escape poverty but also enjoy living wage standards. This study serves as a call to action to improve the working conditions and overall welfare of minor-league players. More Than Baseball aims to drive change and ensure that every player has the opportunity to succeed both on and off the baseball field.

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