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Cristiano Ronaldo: The Ageless Speed Demon

how fast is Cristiano Ronaldo mph

Cristiano Ronaldo, at 36 years old, continues to amaze football fans worldwide with his extraordinary performances. In Manchester United’s thrilling victory over West Ham, Ronaldo proved once again that age is just a number. As the fastest player on the field, he reached an incredible top speed of 20.2mph at the London Stadium. This astonishing feat matched his speed during his Old Trafford comeback against Newcastle the previous weekend.

Unstoppable Speed

Ronaldo’s ability to maintain his blistering pace is remarkable. It’s no wonder that FIFA 22 has given him a rating of 85 for acceleration and 88 for sprint speed in the upcoming game. This pace allows him to leave defenders trailing in his wake and showcases his unmatched athleticism.

Teammates’ Efforts

While Ronaldo claimed the title of the fastest player in the match, his teammates also displayed impressive speed. Aaron Wan-Bissaka clocked in at 20.1mph, closely followed by Luke Shaw at 19.8mph. On the opposing side, Jarrod Bowen managed a respectable 10.4mph for West Ham.

Distance Covered

Apart from their speed, Bruno Fernandes and Tomas Soucek covered the most ground during the game. Fernandes ran an impressive 6.99 miles, closely followed by Soucek with 7.07 miles. Ronaldo himself covered 5.74 miles, combining his bursts of speed with endurance to contribute both defensively and offensively.

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Record Breaker

Ronaldo’s impact on the game was not limited to his speed and distance covered. His equalizing goal against West Ham showcased his lethal finishing ability. With this goal, he joined the elite company of Angel Di Maria and Alexis Sanchez, all of whom have scored four goals in their first three matches wearing the iconic No. 7 shirt at Old Trafford. Additionally, Ronaldo’s goal at the London Stadium marked his 66th different ground where he has found the net since the 2003-2004 season.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s age-defying performances continue to captivate football fans around the world. His blistering speed, coupled with his unmatched skill and goalscoring ability, make him an unstoppable force on the pitch. As Ronaldo continues to break records and defy expectations, it’s clear that he still has plenty to offer to Manchester United and the world of football.


1. How fast did Cristiano Ronaldo run in the Manchester United vs. West Ham match?

Cristiano Ronaldo reached a top speed of 20.2mph in the match against West Ham.

2. How does Ronaldo’s speed compare to his teammates?

Ronaldo was the fastest player on the field, with Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Luke Shaw closely behind at 20.1mph and 19.8mph, respectively.

3. How many miles did Ronaldo cover during the game?

Ronaldo covered a total distance of 5.74 miles, combining his bursts of speed with his overall contribution to the team.

4. How many goals has Ronaldo scored since returning to Manchester United?

Ronaldo has scored four goals in three matches since his return to Manchester United.

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5. How many different grounds has Ronaldo scored at throughout his career?

Ronaldo has found the net in an impressive 66 different grounds since the 2003-2004 season.

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