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Soccer Players Who Made Number 21 Legendary

Soccer players are known for their unique choices in jersey numbers. While some players select numbers based on their position, others choose numbers that hold personal significance. The number 21, in particular, has been worn by exceptional players who have left an indelible mark on the game. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best soccer players who have donned the iconic number 21 jersey.

Football Players With Number 21 Jersey

If you think that there can’t be many players who have worn the number 21 jersey, certainly not world-class players anyway, you’re in for a surprise. Our list of seven soccer players who wore the number 21 is packed with quality, world-class players whose careers stand out above almost every other; let’s get down to business.

1. Paulo Dybala – Juventus, Roma & Argentina

Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala, a 2022 World Cup winner, has donned the number 21 jersey for most of his career. Known for his lightning-fast speed and lethal striking ability, Dybala has achieved great success with Juventus and AS Roma. His technical skills and game intelligence set him apart as one of the most promising strikers of his generation.

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2. Philipp Lahm – Bayern Munich & Germany

Philipp Lahm

Former Bayern Munich full-back Philipp Lahm is widely regarded as one of the greatest attacking full-backs in the history of the game. Known for his versatility and intelligence on the field, Lahm could play in multiple positions and contributed to countless victories for Bayern Munich. He was also instrumental in Germany’s triumph at the 2014 World Cup.

3. Frenkie de Jong – Barcelona & Holland

Frenkie de Jong

Frenkie de Jong, a rising star in European soccer, has impressed fans and critics alike with his exceptional skills. Since breaking into the Ajax first team at a young age, de Jong has continued to excel, earning a move to Barcelona. With his ability to control the game and make intelligent decisions, de Jong is poised to have a stellar career.

4. Zinedine Zidane – Juventus, Real Madrid & France

Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane is undoubtedly one of the greatest soccer players in history. Known for his grace, skill, and ability to change the course of a game, Zidane mesmerized fans with his performances for Juventus and Real Madrid. His winning goal in the 2002 Champions League final stands as a testament to his exceptional talent.

5. Andrea Pirlo – AC Milan, Juventus & Italy

Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo, a legendary deep-lying midfielder, wore the number 21 jersey throughout his illustrious career. With his impeccable passing and calm demeanor on the field, Pirlo orchestrated attacks and controlled the tempo of the game. He played a pivotal role in AC Milan’s and Juventus’ success, leaving a lasting impact on the game.

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6. Luis Enrique – Barcelona & Spain

Luis Enrique

Luis Enrique, a versatile player who could excel in multiple positions, wore the number 21 jersey during his successful career. With his skills and adaptability, Enrique made a significant impact at both Real Madrid and Barcelona. His 16-year career saw him score 107 goals, leaving a lasting legacy in Spanish football.

7. David Silva – Manchester City & Spain

David Silva

David Silva, known as “Merlin” for his creativity and vision on the pitch, became synonymous with the number 21 jersey. The former Valencia academy player showcased his exceptional skills during his tenure at Manchester City, winning numerous domestic titles. Silva’s technical ability and game-changing performances solidified his status as one of the greatest number 21s in history.


Q: Who is the greatest number 21 in history?

A: While it’s difficult to determine the greatest number 21 in history, there’s a strong argument for David Silva. His accomplishments, including World Cup and European Championship victories with Spain, combined with his numerous club titles, make him a standout player.

Q: Are there any up-and-coming players who wear the number 21 jersey?

A: Currently, there are many talented players who wear the number 21 jersey. However, Frenkie de Jong stands out as one of the most promising young players wearing this iconic number.


The number 21 has been embraced by some of the most talented and influential players in the history of soccer. From Paulo Dybala to David Silva, these players have elevated the game with their exceptional skills, intelligence, and impact on their respective teams. As fans, we are fortunate to have witnessed the magic created by these legendary number 21s.

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