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The Unlikely Record Holder: Meet Javier Galán, the Man with the Hardest Shot

Video roberto carlos fastest shot

roberto carlos fastest shot

Spanish sport has seen its fair share of record-breakers, from renowned names like Marc Márquez and Fernando Alonso to lesser-known figures like Mireia Belmonte and Cesc Fábregas. But there’s one individual who surpasses the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos when it comes to a specific footballing achievement. Meet Javier Galán, a relatively unknown energy training technician, who holds the record for the most powerful shot in the world.

Shooting Power Record to Spaniard

Galán, a former Fuencarral player in the Tercera División, made his mark 18 years ago in a contest held in Spain. Surprisingly, he outpaced the renowned Roberto Carlos, known for his fearsome strikes. “He [Carlos] was shooting at 121km/h, and Lima, at Levante, was at 122km/h. I tried and won with 138km/h,” Galán explained to AS.

After clinching the national title, Galán set his sights on the world record, which was televised in Spain. It was then that he achieved a remarkable feat that remains undefeated since 2001, earning a place in the famous Guinness Book of Records. Galán’s shot was clocked at an impressive 129 kilometers per hour, surpassing the maximum speed limit on Spanish roads.

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“The distance recorded is that of a normal penalty. They measure it from when it leaves your foot. The camera focuses on the point after connection with the ball. For Guinness, they only give you three attempts. You go and shoot, and mine came out at 129km/h,” Galán recalled.

The Secret of the Missile

When asked about the secret behind his incredible shooting power, Galán’s description brings to mind Cristiano Ronaldo’s infamous “dry leaf” strike, only faster. “Cristiano shoots at about 117km/h,” he revealed. “My hit is normal. I do not take a run-up on the side; I do it straight. As I came from futsal, I hit the ball with the instep but further inside. It is a very dry hit. It does not make it curve; the ball goes straight,” Galán explained.

What is the Limit?

While Galán’s record stands tall, there is one ‘opponent’ that managed to surpass his achievement—a robot designed by Castrol, which reached a staggering 210 km/h. Although unofficial, there have been reports of powerful shots in matches that come close to the robot’s speed, with Ronny Heberson, a Brazilian who unleashed a howitzer from a direct free-kick with Sporting Lisbon, recording a shot that exceeded 200 km/h.


Q: Who holds the record for the most powerful shot in football?
A: Javier Galán, an energy training technician, holds the record with a shot clocked at 129 kilometers per hour.

Q: How does Galán’s shot compare to Roberto Carlos and Cristiano Ronaldo?
A: Galán’s shot surpasses Roberto Carlos’ recorded speed of 121 km/h and Cristiano Ronaldo’s estimated 117 km/h.

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Q: What is the highest recorded speed for a shot in football?
A: The highest recorded speed belongs to a robot designed by Castrol, reaching an astounding 210 km/h.


Javier Galán, a relatively unknown figure in the world of football, holds a remarkable record that even surpasses the feats of renowned players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos. With a shot clocked at 129 kilometers per hour, Galán’s achievement stands as a testament to the power and precision that can be achieved with the right technique. Football enthusiasts can only wonder who will be the next player to challenge and surpass this incredible milestone.

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The Unlikely Record Holder: Meet Javier Galán, the Man with the Hardest Shot