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The Allure of Red: Exploring the Top Red Football Teams

soccer teams with red jerseys

Red has long been associated with qualities such as fierce determination, power, and passion. It comes as no surprise that many of the greatest football teams in the world proudly wear this vibrant color. Whether it’s Liverpool, Manchester United, or Bayern Munich, these teams have a rich history that is intertwined with their iconic red jerseys. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of red football teams.

Top 10 Best Red Football Teams

Clubs choose to wear red for various reasons. Some do it to honor their club’s flag, logo, or theme, while others believe that red is a color associated with winning. Here is a list of the top 10 best red football teams in the world:

10. Clube de Regatas do Flamengo

Players of Flamengo

  • Year established: 1895
  • Nickname(s): Big ‘Mengo, Vulture, The Evil One
  • Main league: Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, Brazil
  • Coach: Jorge Sampaoli (as of 2023)

CR Flamengo, based in Rio de Janeiro, is one of Brazil’s and the world’s best red football teams. With their red and white home jersey, the club has achieved tremendous success in the past decade. They have claimed titles in the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A, Copa do Brasil, Supercopa do Brasil, Recopa Sudamericana, and Copa Libertadores, solidifying their position as one of the top teams in the world.

9. Nottingham Forest

The Nottingham Forest team

  • Year established: 1865
  • Nickname(s): Forest, Tricky Trees, The Reds, The Garibaldi
  • Main league: English Premier League, England
  • Coach: Steve Cooper (as of 2023)

Nottingham Forest is a red and white football team that holds a special place in English football history. Despite a period of struggle, the club recently made a comeback and rejoined the English Premier League in the 2022/23 season. Their rich history includes winning the UEFA Champions League, making them one of the most esteemed clubs in Europe.

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8. Al Ahly SC

  • Year established: 1907
  • Nickname(s): Club of Patriotism, the Red Giant, the Red Devils, the Club of the Century
  • Main league: Egyptian Premier League, Egypt
  • Coach: Marcel Koller (as of 2023)

Al Ahly SC is widely regarded as the best club in Egypt, Africa, and the world. Sporting their iconic red jerseys, they have consistently dominated domestic and international competitions. The club has an impressive collection of titles, including the Egyptian Premier League, CAF Champions League, Egyptian Super Cup, and FA Cup. Their success has firmly established them as one of the top red football teams globally.

7. AFC Ajax

Ajax players

  • Year established: 1900
  • Nickname(s): Sons of the Gods, the Jews
  • Main league: Eredivisie, Netherlands
  • Coach: John Heitinga (as of 2023)

Ajax FC has consistently been one of the best-performing football clubs in the Netherlands and the world. Since 1911, they have proudly donned their red jerseys in all home competitions. Their unwavering dedication and success have solidified their status as one of the best red and white football teams throughout the decades.

6. SL Benfica

Players of SL Benfica

  • Year established: 1904
  • Nickname(s): The Eagles, the Reds, the Glorious One
  • Main league: Primeira Liga, Portugal
  • Coach: Roger Schmidt (as of 2023)

SL Benfica, with its legendary red shirt, boasts a rich history and has attracted some of Portugal’s finest players. This iconic jersey has remained virtually unchanged since 1905, a testament to the club’s commitment to their tradition and identity. Benfica’s dominance in the 60s and 70s catapulted them into the ranks of the best red football teams.

5. FC Bayern Munich

  • Year established: 1900
  • Nickname(s): The FCB, The Bavarians, Star of the South, The Reds
  • Main league: Bundesliga, Germany
  • Coach: Thomas Tuchel (as of 2023)
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Bayern Munich is not only one of the top all-red football teams but also stands as one of the best clubs in Europe. With a multitude of titles to their name, they have consistently outshone their opponents. Their all-red kit exudes confidence and has undoubtedly contributed to their success on the field.

4. Arsenal FC

Arsenal players

  • Year established: 1886
  • Nickname(s): The Gunners
  • Main league: English Premier League, England
  • Coach: Mikel Arteta (as of 2023)

Arsenal, a red and white football team based in England, has a remarkable history of success. With a string of major trophies, the Gunners have solidified their place among the best in the UK. Their partnership with Adidas, a renowned sports supplier, further emphasizes their commitment to excellence.

3. AC Milan

  • Year established: 1899
  • Nickname(s): The Red and Blacks, the Devil
  • Main league: Serie A, Italy
  • Coach: Paolo Scaroni (as of 2023)

AC Milan, one of the prominent black and red football teams, has enjoyed tremendous success in soccer. Boasting an impressive seven Champions League titles and 19 Serie A titles, they have built an illustrious legacy. Their acquisition of world-class talent, such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, has propelled them to the pinnacle of the sport.

2. Manchester United

Players of Manchester United

  • Year established: 1878
  • Nickname(s): United, Red Devils
  • Main league: English Premier League, England
  • Coach: Eric Ten Hag (as of 2023)

Manchester United, one of the best red football teams in England, holds a special place in football history. With an unparalleled number of trophies and an immense global fan base, they have had a significant impact on the sport. Their iconic red jerseys represent a legacy of success and dominance on the field.

1. Liverpool FC

The Liverpool FC team

  • Year established: 1892
  • Nickname(s): The Reds
  • Main league: English Premier League, England
  • Coach: Jurgen Klopp (as of 2023)

Topping the list is Liverpool FC, renowned for their dominant all-red kit. Since 1964, when then-manager Bill Shankly made the decision to change to the red jersey, Liverpool has amassed an impressive collection of trophies. With 19 Premier League titles and 6 Champions League titles, they hold a place among the best football teams in the world.

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Blue and Red Football Teams

While red is undoubtedly an iconic color in football, some famous teams opt for blue and white kits. FC Barcelona and Crystal Palace, to name a few, proudly wear blue and white. Their colors have become synonymous with their respective clubs, making them instantly recognizable to fans worldwide.


Has Chelsea ever worn red?

Yes, during the 1985/86 season, Chelsea briefly wore an all-red kit. However, these jerseys were not made available for public purchase, making them a unique piece of the club’s history.

What year did Liverpool start wearing red?

Liverpool made the switch to their famous all-red gear in 1964 under the guidance of manager Bill Shankly. This change included replacing the white shorts with the red ones that are still worn today.

When did Man City wear red and black?

In 1968, Manchester City experimented with red and black striped jerseys accompanied by black shorts and socks. This distinctive kit quickly became iconic among the club’s supporters.

What football team has red and white stripes?

Sunderland, a famous English club, is known for its red and white striped kits since 1887. It’s worth noting that despite their iconic stripes, the club once played in an all-blue kit, surprising many fans.

Red football teams have etched their names in the annals of football history with their unwavering determination and success. The color red symbolizes power, passion, and greatness, traits demonstrated by these remarkable clubs. Whether they’re dominating their domestic leagues or triumphing on the international stage, these red teams continue to inspire fans around the world.

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