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Seattle Sounders and LAFC Players’ Performances During International Break

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The international break has come to an end, and now it’s time to assess how the Seattle Sounders and LAFC players fared during this period. As teams prepare for the Western Conference semifinal clash between the Sounders and LAFC, it is crucial to analyze how the break may have impacted each team.

Seattle Sounders

Stuart Hawkins (USYNT U-17s)

Stuart Hawkins, the youngest player on the Sounders’ roster, represented the USYNT U-17s during this international window. He featured in all three group games of the U17 World Cup, starting in two of them. Despite a strong performance, the US team fell short and was eliminated in the Round of 16, but Hawkins showcased his talent and potential.

Nouhou (Cameroon)

Nouhou, the Cameroonian defender for the Sounders, traveled extensively during this window. He played a total of eight minutes across two World Cup Qualifying matches for Cameroon. While his playing time was limited, Nouhou’s experience with the national team will undoubtedly motivate him to excel in the upcoming match against LAFC.

Josh Atencio (USMNT Olympic Squad)

Josh Atencio, a rising star in the Sounders’ squad, earned a well-deserved opportunity to join the USMNT Olympic Squad for a pair of friendlies. However, a stomach bug prevented him from showcasing his abilities on the field. Nevertheless, his recent performances in the MLS have demonstrated his potential and future impact.

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Dénis Bouanga (Gabon)

Dénis Bouanga, the Gabonese forward, had an impressive international break. He scored two goals and played a full 180 minutes in Gabon’s World Cup Qualifying matches against Kenya and Burundi. Bouanga’s confidence and form will be key factors in LAFC’s upcoming match against the Sounders.

Denil Maldonado (Honduras)

Denil Maldonado, a regular starter for LAFC, had an emotionally charged international break. He played a crucial role in Honduras’s victory against Mexico in the CONCACAF Nations League A Championship Quarter-final. However, their journey ended in a penalty shootout defeat to El Tri. Despite the disappointment, Maldonado’s dedication and determination will surely benefit LAFC.

Cristian Olivera (Uruguay)

Cristian Olivera, the Uruguayan midfielder, joined Uruguay’s squad for the CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifying matches. While he has not been among the top scorers, Olivera’s inclusion in the national team speaks volumes about his abilities and potential impact. Uruguay is currently second in WC Qualifying, with Olivera playing a role in their success.

Filip Krastev (Bulgaria)

Filip Krastev represented Bulgaria in two Euro qualifiers, contributing significantly in both matches. He played a full 90 minutes in the first game, which ended in a 2-2 draw against Hungary. Krastev then played 77 minutes in the second match, providing an assist that gave Bulgaria a temporary lead. Although not a regular contributor for LAFC, Krastev has demonstrated his ability to make an impact when given the chance.

Stipe Biuk (Croatia U-21s)

Stipe Biuk featured in the Croatia U-21s’ U21 Euros qualifying match against Belarus. He played 66 minutes in Croatia’s 1-0 victory, leaving the field just before Belarus received a red card. Despite Croatia’s undefeated record in qualifying, they currently sit outside of the possible qualifying spots. Biuk’s performance in the national team will add to his experience and development.

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Maxime Crépeau (Canada)

Maxime Crépeau, the Canadian goalkeeper, was on the bench for both of Canada’s matches against Jamaica. Canada secured a 2-1 win in the first game but suffered a 3-2 defeat in the second. Although Crépeau did not feature on the field, his presence in the national team setup will contribute to his growth and development.

Aside from any potential effects from Josh Atencio’s stomach bug, the physical toll on the players is not expected to be significant, as they all had a few days to recover before returning to training with their respective clubs. However, the emotional impact of the international break may vary among players. It can serve as a defining moment for their careers, challenging them to rise to new heights.


  • How many players did Seattle and LAFC send for international duty?

    • Seattle sent three players, while LAFC had six players represent their respective national teams.
  • Did any of the players suffer injuries during the international break?

    • Fortunately, none of the players reported any injuries, and they are expected to be available for the upcoming match.
  • Will the international break affect team dynamics and performance?

    • While the break may disrupt the momentum built up by the teams, the players’ experiences with their national teams can also boost confidence and motivation.


The international break provided an opportunity for players from the Seattle Sounders and LAFC to represent their countries. Despite the challenges faced during this period, the players return to their club teams with renewed energy and determination. As the showdown between the Sounders and LAFC approaches, fans can look forward to witnessing the impact of these players’ international experiences on the pitch. For more football-related content, visit Pesstatsdatabase.

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