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The Tallest MLS Players in 2023

tallest mls player

Football is a game that comes in all shapes and sizes, but when it comes to certain positions like goalkeeper and defender, height can be a valuable asset. In the MLS, there are some towering players who dominate the field with their physicality and presence. Let’s take a look at the top 10 tallest MLS players in 2023.

10) Omar Gonzalez, 195 cm, New England Revolution

Starting off our list is veteran player Omar Gonzalez, standing tall at 6’5”. Despite not playing many games under Bruce Arena’s current system at the New England Revolution, Gonzalez continues to inspire as a USMNT legend. Hailing from Texas, he perfectly embodies the saying “everything is bigger in Texas.”

9) Jack Elliott, 196 cm, Philadelphia Union

Jack Elliott, an Englishman, holds his ground in the heart of the Philadelphia Union’s defense at 6’6”. His towering stature may be attributed to his American upbringing, having chosen a college soccer program at West Virginia University over the Fulham Academy. At 27 years old, he has become an integral part of the Union.

8) Shanyder Borgelin, 196 cm, Inter Miami CF

Breaking the trend of mostly goalkeepers and hearty defenders on this list is 21-year-old forward Shanyder Borgelin. Standing at an impressive height of 6’6”, Borgelin is on the verge of breaking into Inter Miami CF’s first team. With a few MLS appearances and a goal already under his belt, he showcases his potential. However, he may face tougher competition with the arrival of Lionel Messi.

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7) Jackson Ragen, 198 cm, Seattle Sounders

Lumen Field in Seattle is graced by the towering presence of Jackson Ragen in the Sounders’ defense. A Seattle native, Ragen is highly regarded, representing his hometown club, one of the best in America. While he was originally drafted by the Chicago Fire, he opted to pursue more college soccer, eventually finding his way back to the Sounders.

6) Javier Otero, 198 cm, Orlando City SC

Orlando City SC has a promising talent waiting in the wings with Javier Otero, their reserve goalkeeper who stands at 6’6”. Despite being just 20 years old, Otero has already made appearances on the bench for the MLS team. Currently primarily playing in MLS Next Pro with the B team, his future looks bright.

5) Ben Martino, 198 cm, Nashville SC

Nashville SC also boasts a tall goalkeeper in their youth ranks with Ben Martino, who measures up at 6’6”. While he has been named on the bench a few times, he is yet to make an appearance for the first team. Martino continues to gain experience in Nashville’s MLS Next Pro teams, preparing for his eventual opportunity.

4) Ben Lundt, 198 cm, St. Louis City SC

Ben Lundt is among the group of 6’6” goalkeepers vying for the number one spot. However, he faces the challenge of displacing St. Louis City SC’s club captain and former Borussia Dortmund shot-stopper, Roman Burki. With Burki excelling and in contention for one of the best players in MLS this season, Lundt has had his chances in the US Open Cup.

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3) Luka Gavran, 198 cm, Toronto FC

With Toronto FC facing struggles, Luka Gavran, a 6’6” 20-year-old goalkeeper, may soon get his chance. Sean Johnson, the current goalkeeper for Toronto, has not met expectations, opening the door for Gavran to potentially make his mark. As Toronto looks for solutions, Gavran’s height and potential make him an intriguing option.

2) Hunter Sulte, 201 cm, Portland Timbers

Coming from Alaska, Hunter Sulte possesses the physical strength necessary to withstand the harsh demands of cold weather. Standing at an impressive 6’7”, Sulte commands his area effectively. While he is yet to keep a clean sheet in MLS Next Pro, he has been training with the Portland Timbers’ first team and even made appearances in the US Open Cup.

1) Matthew Nocita, 203 cm, New York Red Bulls

The tallest MLS player in 2023 is officially Matthew Nocita. Originally from California, Nocita spent time in the US Navy before signing with the New York Red Bulls. At 23 years old, he primarily plays for the second team in MLS Next Pro but regularly joins the first-team squad on the bench. Despite not yet making a significant impact during games, Nocita possesses the physicality required to succeed as a dominant defender and could receive more opportunities in the future.


Q: Is height crucial for success in football?
A: While height can be advantageous, it is not a prerequisite for success in football. Players like Lionel Messi have proven that skill and technique can overcome physical limitations.

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Q: Who is the tallest MLS player in 2023?
A: Matthew Nocita, standing at an impressive 203 cm, holds the title of the tallest MLS player in 2023.

Q: Which position benefits the most from height in football?
A: Positions like goalkeeper and defender often benefit from having height due to the aerial duels and physicality involved in those roles.


Height may not be the ultimate factor in determining a player’s success in football, but it certainly has its advantages in certain positions. The MLS is home to some exceptionally tall players who bring a commanding presence to the field. Whether it’s goalkeepers standing tall between the posts or defenders dominating aerial battles, these players showcase the diversity and physicality of the beautiful game.

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