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Joe Gomez’s Rise to Excellence with the Help of Virgil van Dijk

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A smile lights up Joe Gomez’s face as he reflects on his journey over the past two months. From being a frustrated bench-warmer to a key player in Liverpool’s charge towards the Premier League title, Gomez’s transformation has been remarkable. And he owes much of his resurgence to his partnership with “big brother” Virgil van Dijk.

A Sweet Partnership

Gomez, just 22 years old, has rediscovered his swagger and proved to England manager Gareth Southgate that he’s the most naturally gifted centre-back at his disposal. Playing alongside van Dijk has been a joy for Gomez. The pair not only click on the field but also share a strong off-field relationship.

Finding Consistency

The key to Gomez’s resurgence lies in the rhythm he has found through a run of games. Regular playing time has allowed him to play on auto-pilot, freeing him from overthinking and enabling him to express himself fully. Gomez acknowledges that finding consistency has made a significant difference in his performances.

Overcoming Adversity

Gomez’s journey hasn’t been without challenges. A torrid start to the season saw him lose his place as Joel Matip’s partner. Then, a well-publicized bust-up with Raheem Sterling further disrupted his form. But it was the support and guidance of van Dijk, whom Gomez views as a “big brother,” that helped him through these tough times.

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Grasping the Opportunity

Gomez’s lucky break came when he was handed a start at right-back against Bournemouth. When Lovren went off with an injury, Gomez was moved to the center alongside van Dijk. Since then, he has cemented his place in the starting lineup and made the most of his extended run.

Impressive Performances

Gomez’s impact on Liverpool’s defense has been undeniable. In the Premier League matches where Gomez has started, Liverpool have taken 27 points and conceded just two goals. His presence has resulted in fewer shots and crosses conceded, showcasing his defensive prowess.

Continuing Success

Gomez’s performance in Liverpool’s recent victory over Wolverhampton Wanderers exemplified his class and composure. Time and time again, he proved alert to the danger and dealt with it effortlessly. His impressive display is a testament to his growth and development as a player.

The Best Partnership

The Van Dijk-Gomez axis has become Liverpool’s strongest defensive pairing. Confidence plays a key role in Gomez’s success, as he receives support from the manager, his teammates, and his own abilities. They continue to learn from each other, both on and off the field, and strive to improve as a duo.


Q: How has Joe Gomez improved his performance this season?
A: Gomez has found consistency through regular playing time and has benefited from his partnership with Virgil van Dijk.

Q: What has been the impact of Gomez’s presence on Liverpool’s defense?
A: Liverpool’s defensive record has significantly improved with Gomez in the starting lineup, with fewer goals, shots, and crosses conceded.

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Q: How has Virgil van Dijk supported Gomez during his difficult times?
A: Van Dijk has been a guiding figure for Gomez, providing support and guidance both on and off the field.


Joe Gomez’s resurgence as a key player for Liverpool is a testament to his talent and determination. With the support of his “big brother” Virgil van Dijk, Gomez has overcome adversity and found his rhythm. His partnership with Van Dijk has become the backbone of Liverpool’s defense, contributing to their remarkable success this season. As Gomez continues to grow and improve, the sky is the limit for this young talent.

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