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The Stories Behind the Atlanta Falcons’ Jersey Numbers

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If you’re a Falcons fan, you know that certain jersey numbers hold a special significance. For example, No. 7 will always be associated with Michael Vick, and seeing someone other than Roddy White wearing No. 84 feels strange. But have you ever wondered how players end up with their jersey numbers? Let’s take a closer look.

Devonta Freeman: A Tribute to Family

Devonta Freeman wears No. 24 to honor his late aunt, Tamekia Nicole Brown, who passed away from a heart attack at the age of 24. Freeman’s devotion to his aunt is evident as he explains, “I always want to represent her and just leave some legacy with my dreams. I’m a football player, but I still want to represent her every chance I could.”

Keanu Neal: Following in His Brother’s Footsteps

Keanu Neal originally wanted to wear No. 42, the same number his brother, Clinton Hart, had worn during his career. However, Pat DiMarco had already claimed that number when Neal joined the Falcons. So, he settled for No. 22, reasoning that two plus two equals four.

Desmond Trufant: Emulating a Legend

Desmond Trufant chose No. 21 because of Deion Sanders, who famously wore that number for the Falcons. Additionally, Trufant wanted to remind himself of the 21 teams that passed on him during the draft. It serves as a motivating reminder for him to prove them wrong.

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Kemal Ishmael: Honoring a Fallen Hero

Kemal Ishmael selected No. 36 as a tribute to former Washington safety Sean Taylor, who tragically lost his life. Ishmael explains, “Sean Taylor wore No. 36 as a rookie, and I was 18 in college, so 18 times two is 36. Easy choice.”

Mohamed Sanu: Numbers from the Past

Mohamed Sanu’s jersey number, No. 12, is a combination of his high school and college numbers, No. 2 and No. 6, respectively. Sanu cleverly adds, “So I was like, two times six.”

Vic Beasley: A Mathematical Connection

Vic Beasley, the eighth overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, chose No. 44 because four plus four equals eight. It’s a simple numerical connection that Beasley found intriguing.

Josh Harris: A Twist of Fate

Long snapper Josh Harris didn’t have a say in his jersey number. The team assigned him No. 47, which was an improvement from the numbers he wore in high school and college. He creatively links the numbers to explain, “Six and one is seven, 47 — a combination of both. It was meant to be.”

Kaleb McGary: Honoring a Friend

As a rookie, Kaleb McGary had limited options for his jersey number and settled for No. 76. However, this number had a special meaning for him. A friend who played football wore No. 76, so it became an opportunity to pay homage to his friend while also honoring him.

Ricardo Allen: Making Meaning Out of Chance

Ricardo Allen had little say in his assigned number, No. 37. Initially, he didn’t like it, but now he sees it as an opportunity to create his own meaning. Determined to leave a positive legacy with this number, Allen remarks, “I’m just going to try to make something out of it.”

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Q: Do jersey numbers hold any significance for Atlanta Falcons players?
A: Yes, many Falcons players have personal connections and reasons behind their chosen jersey numbers.

Q: Are there any specific criteria that players consider when selecting their numbers?
A: Players consider various factors such as family, personal history, tribute to idols, or even numerical connections.

Q: How do players react when they cannot get their preferred number?
A: Some players find creative ways to relate to their assigned numbers, infusing them with personal meaning.

Q: What is the significance of jersey numbers in football?
A: Jersey numbers help identify players on the field and may hold personal significance to the individuals wearing them.


Every jersey number worn by Atlanta Falcons players tells a unique story. From honoring loved ones to creating personal connections, these numbers carry meaning beyond their representation on the field. As fans, we can appreciate the depth behind these numbers and the personal significance they hold for the players.

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