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Virgil van Dijk: Mastering the Art of Composure on and off the Pitch

Virgil van Dijk Young
In the dappled shade, away from the glare of the Spanish sun, Virgil van Dijk thinks about words such as tension and nerves with a little smile. This is meant to be the hardest time, with the days moving slowly between the end of the regular season and Liverpool’s Champions League final against Tottenham in Madrid next Saturday night.

Rise to Greatness

Van Dijk was named PFA player of the season by his fellow professionals, after his imperious form at the heart of Liverpool’s defense helped ensure his club lost just one match in a league campaign that earned them 97 points. Victory over Spurs, and becoming champions of Europe for a sixth time, would seal a remarkable season for Van Dijk and Liverpool with a heady gloss. The contrast between the two outcomes is so deep that even a man as composed as Van Dijk must be churning on the inside?

“No,” the 27-year-old insists. “I’m never nervous any more.”

Mastering the Mindset

“That “any more” is significant because it is striking to hear Van Dijk reflect on the doubts that once undermined him. In the Netherlands, he was regarded as a relatively limited player by numerous coaches who did not imagine his rise to become, arguably, the best defender in the world. The road has been long and difficult but, out of adversity, Van Dijk is as calm during a fevered match as he is off the pitch.

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“With experience,” he says, “the nervousness is not there. When I made my debut for Liverpool against Everton [in January 2018] I was more excited than nervous. I surprised myself that day with my calm.”

Apart from scoring the winning goal in front of the Kop, Van Dijk put an immediate dent in the pressure that could have consumed him after he arrived at Anfield as the world’s most expensive defender. The £75m paid to Southampton now looks like prudent housekeeping. Van Dijk has transformed Liverpool’s previously flaky defense so markedly that they conceded the fewest number of goals, 22, in the league last season.

The Power of Composure

“It’s more excitement than nerves these days,” he continues. “Even before the Champions League final last year [against Real Madrid] I was not nervous at all. I was very relaxed. I was like: ‘Let’s go, let’s do this.’”

Van Dijk explains, “If you’re nervous you think: ‘I don’t want to make mistakes or give the ball away.’ But you limit your own qualities then. Over the years I’ve developed the mindset that there are many more important things in life.”

Overcoming Obstacles

Van Dijk’s journey to greatness has not been an easy one. He had to overcome doubts and setbacks along the way. When he was 20, he was struggling to make the first team at Groningen, having never cracked it at the academy of Willem II. But Van Dijk didn’t give up. He kept working hard and pushing himself.

“Every step of my career was hard work. I’ve given everything I’ve got but I’ve still got more to come in every aspect of my game. Maybe they were right at the time. Maybe it was meant to be that they didn’t want to take a chance with me.”

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The Champions League Dream

Van Dijk reminisces about his childhood dreams of playing in a Champions League final, a dream that is about to become a reality. He acknowledges the challenge that Spurs will pose and the pressure that comes with such an important match. However, Van Dijk remains unfazed, stating that Liverpool has a good chance of winning and that they need to be ready.

“Liverpool is always about pressure,” he responds, “but we have to enjoy it. We have a good chance of winning but this is a massive game for them as well. They’ve shown that they also never give up. We need to be ready.”

The Power of Experience

Van Dijk’s composure extends to his performance on the pitch. His decision-making and ability to read the game have been crucial for Liverpool’s success. One of the standout moments of his season was his tactical brilliance in the match against Spurs. With the game finely poised at 1-1, Van Dijk made an instinctive decision that prevented a potential goal, showcasing his experience and intelligence as a center-back.


Virgil van Dijk’s journey from underestimated talent to one of the world’s best defenders is a testament to his determination, hard work, and unwavering composure. As Liverpool prepares for the Champions League final, Van Dijk remains calm and focused, ready to give everything he’s got. Whether they lift the trophy or not, Van Dijk’s impact on the team and his unwavering composure will forever be remembered.


Q: What awards has Virgil van Dijk won?

A: Van Dijk was named PFA player of the season by his fellow professionals.

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Q: How has Van Dijk transformed Liverpool’s defense?

A: Van Dijk’s presence has significantly improved Liverpool’s defensive record. They conceded the fewest number of goals in the league last season.

Q: What makes Van Dijk so composed on the pitch?

A: Van Dijk attributes his composure to experience and the realization that there are more important things in life than feeling nervous.

Q: How did Van Dijk overcome doubts and setbacks in his career?

A: Van Dijk’s journey hasn’t been easy, but he remained determined and worked hard to prove his worth, ultimately becoming one of the world’s best defenders.

Q: How does Van Dijk handle pressure?

A: Van Dijk approaches pressure with a positive mindset, focusing on enjoying the moment and giving his best effort. He recognizes that pressure is a part of the game but doesn’t let it consume him.

Q: How does Van Dijk’s composure impact his performance?

A: Van Dijk’s composure translates to his decision-making on the pitch. His ability to remain calm and make intelligent choices has been crucial for Liverpool’s success.


Virgil van Dijk’s story is an inspiration to aspiring footballers. His journey from underappreciated talent to a world-class defender is a testament to the power of determination, hard work, and unwavering composure. As Van Dijk and Liverpool prepare for the Champions League final, fans can be confident that their captain will lead with poise and give everything he has.