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English Premier League: Unraveling the Best Football League in the World

Off the pitch, the English Premier League (EPL) stands as the richest and most watched football league globally. According to Deloitte’s Annual Review of Football Finance, the EPL’s combined revenue in 2021/22 reached a staggering £5.5 billion, almost double that of La Liga. However, when it comes to the on-pitch action, is the EPL truly the best league in the world?

Measuring Competitiveness

To assess the competitiveness of the EPL and other top leagues, various factors need consideration. Do we analyze the winning margin of champions, the difference between the top and bottom-placed teams, or the number of matches with a goal difference of three or more? With such diverse metrics available, a comprehensive approach is needed to determine the league’s true strength.

Is the EPL the Most Competitively Balanced League?

Using Expected Points (xP) as a measurement, a study examining the competitive balance in Europe’s top leagues over the past eight seasons revealed that Ligue 1 had the highest competitiveness, closely followed by the Bundesliga and La Liga. Serie A ranked fourth, leaving the EPL in last place. Hence, the English Premier League is considered the least competitively balanced among the top five leagues.

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What makes xP an ideal metric is that it separates luck from skill, providing a more accurate assessment of a team’s performance.

Are the Big Teams Dominating the EPL?

Analyzing the dominance of top teams in each league, the EPL proves to be less dominated by its top two and top four teams than other leagues. La Liga displayed the most dominance by its top two teams, while Ligue 1 and Serie A were more dominated by their top four teams.

However, when evaluating the concentration ratio of available points won by the top two and top four teams, the EPL, along with Ligue 1, showed the least domination by its top teams.

Moreover, the number of different teams finishing in the top four and six positions over the past nine seasons indicated that the EPL had the fewest teams achieving these positions. Thus, the EPL is the most dominated by its big teams.

Do the EPL Teams Stand as the Best?

Though the EPL boasts the highest number of different champions over the past nine seasons, when it comes to European competitions, La Liga has performed better based on UEFA’s coefficient rankings. Furthermore, looking at the representation of players at the last two World Cups, the EPL contributed the most players.

In terms of title winners and individual awards like the Ballon d’Or, La Liga surpasses the EPL. La Liga has won the most Champions League titles and has the most Ballon d’Or winners.

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Conclusion: The Best League in the World?

After considering these factors, it is safe to conclude that the English Premier League is indeed the best league in the world. Its high number of different champions, competitive balance, and the quality of its teams and players contribute to its prestigious standing.

However, it is crucial to address the need for a fair revenue distribution model in the league to mitigate the growing gap between the top and bottom teams. Additionally, the overall trend of decreasing competitive balance in the top five leagues calls for attention from league authorities.

While debates may continue, with each measurement holding different weight, the English Premier League undeniably remains a force to be reckoned with in the world of football.

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Q: What is the revenue of the English Premier League?
A: In the 2021/22 season, the English Premier League generated a revenue of £5.5 billion.

Q: Which league is the most competitively balanced?
A: Ligue 1 has been identified as the most competitively balanced league among Europe’s top five leagues.

Q: How many different champions have there been in the EPL?
A: Over the past nine seasons, the English Premier League has had the highest number of different champions.

Q: Which league has the most dominance by its big teams?
A: The English Premier League is the most dominated by its top four teams.

Q: Which league has the most Champions League titles?
A: La Liga has won the most Champions League titles.

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Q: How does the EPL compare to other leagues in terms of UEFA coefficient rankings?
A: The EPL has performed well in recent seasons and currently holds the highest coefficient among European leagues.


Yes, the English Premier League is the best league in the world. It has a strong reputation both on and off the pitch, with its high revenue, competitive balance, and quality of teams and players. However, there are issues to address, such as the revenue distribution model and the decreasing competitive balance trend. Regardless, the EPL continues to captivate football enthusiasts worldwide.