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Everything You Need to Know About Own Goals in Soccer

what is a goal in soccer

Scoring a goal in the World Cup is every soccer player’s dream – as long as it goes in the opponent’s net. But not all goals go as planned. Sometimes, a player unintentionally scores in their own net. So, what happens in these situations? How are own goals recorded? And how many have there been in the history of the World Cup? Let’s dive in and find out.

What is an Own Goal in Soccer?

An own goal occurs when a player accidentally scores against their own team. This term applies not only to soccer but also to other sports where teams attempt to score in a net.

Who Gets Credit for an Own Goal?

In soccer, the player who knocks the ball into their own net is credited with an own goal. However, it doesn’t count towards that player’s game, seasonal, or career scoring total.

Is It an Own Goal if the Shot Was on Target?

Determining whether a goal is an own goal can be subjective. If a shot hits off a defender and goes into the net, it can be ruled as an own goal or credited to the attacker. If the attacker’s shot was on target and had only a negligible deflection off the defender, the attacker still gets credit. On the other hand, if the defender’s attempt to clear the ball ends up crossing the goal line, they will be credited with an own goal. According to FIFA guidelines, an own goal can only be registered if the defender’s intervention is deliberate.

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Does Anyone Get an Assist on an Own Goal?

No assist is awarded for an own goal in soccer.

How Many Own Goals in World Cup History?

Out of the 2,720 goals scored in FIFA World Cup history, 54 were own goals. Two own goals were scored at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The first was from Morocco’s Nayef Aguerd in the group stage against Canada, and the second was from Argentina’s Enzo Fernández against Australia in the Round of 16. Moreover, there have been 25 own goals in the first eight editions of the Women’s World Cup.


  1. Can an own goal be ruled if the shot only had a slight deflection off the defender?

    • Yes, if the defender’s intervention was deliberate, even a slight deflection can result in an own goal.
  2. Are assists awarded for own goals in soccer?

    • No, no assist is awarded for an own goal.
  3. Which World Cup had the most own goals?

    • The 1998 FIFA World Cup had the most own goals, with six scored throughout the tournament.


Own goals may not be the most desired outcome in soccer, but they are an integral part of the game. Understanding the rules and guidelines surrounding own goals helps to appreciate the intricacies of the sport. So, the next time you see an own goal, you’ll have a better understanding of how it’s recorded and what it means for the players involved. Stay tuned for more interesting insights into the world of soccer with Pesstatsdatabase.

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