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American Learns the Unwritten Rules of Premier League Fashion

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Attending a Premier League match is an experience like no other, with passionate fans, electrifying atmosphere, and intense rivalries. For an American student, Emily Rogawski, it was an opportunity to witness English football firsthand. However, she inadvertently learned a valuable lesson about the importance of fashion in the world of English soccer.

The Fashion Fiasco

Emily Rogawski, a New Yorker studying sports psychology at John Moores University in Liverpool, innocently arrived at the Everton-Manchester United match wearing a jacket featuring the crest of her favorite team, Chelsea. Little did she know that her choice of attire would cause a stir. While it may be acceptable for fans in the United States to wear neutral team gear at sporting events, the same cannot be said for the passionate tribalism of English football.

Unintended Fame

When Emily’s face appeared on the television broadcast, it ignited a flurry of online chatter and catapulted her into the spotlight of British media. Her story spread across at least 25 countries and nine languages, with articles featured in renowned publications like The Sun. Despite the newfound attention, Emily maintained a positive outlook. She told USA TODAY Sports, “It’s definitely a bit bizarre seeing my pictures everywhere in languages I don’t understand. And I just have a laugh at any comments made that I don’t know my football.”

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A Passionate Culture

English soccer is deeply rooted in tribalism, with unwritten rules and traditions that fans hold dear. Attending matches as a neutral observer, simply enjoying the sport, is uncommon. Unlike in the United States, where soccer fandom often stems from playing the sport first and then supporting a team, in the UK, supporting a club usually takes precedence. This contrast made it difficult for people to understand why a Chelsea fan would attend a match that didn’t involve Chelsea.

Emily Rogawski

A Cultural Lesson

For Emily, her unintentional fashion faux pas served as a valuable cultural lesson. English soccer fans are fiercely passionate about their clubs, and wearing the colors of a rival team when not involved in the match is frowned upon. Despite the initial confusion, Emily expressed gratitude for the experience, saying, “I love studying the game, and I think you learn more from attending matches in person. I didn’t realize it was so uncommon for people to attend games as a neutral fan just enjoying the sport. I think the fans there understood that I meant no disrespect and that I was there to enjoy a good match.”


Q: Can you wear neutral team gear at English Premier League matches?

A: While it may be acceptable in the United States, in English soccer, wearing the colors of a neutral team when your favorite team is not involved is generally frowned upon.

Q: Why are English soccer fans so passionate about their clubs?

A: English soccer fans are deeply passionate about their clubs due to the long-standing traditions and rivalries that exist within the sport. Supporting a club often takes precedence over individual players or national teams.

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Q: How did Emily Rogawski become famous?

A: Emily Rogawski’s unintentional fashion choice at an Everton-Manchester United match garnered attention when her face appeared on the television broadcast. Her story spread across various media outlets worldwide.


Attending a Premier League match is not only about the action on the pitch but also immersing oneself in the rich culture and traditions of English football. For Emily Rogawski, her fashion misstep became a lesson in understanding the passion and unwritten rules that govern the English soccer fan experience. So, next time you attend a match in the UK, make sure to dress accordingly and respect the fierce tribalism of English football.

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